Brand New List - What Freebie to Send?

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New to Email Marketing.

Main Business:
Home Improvement Contractor

Own: A New home improvement Online Forum
67 Members
20 Signed up for my forum's "Business+Marketing Newsletter" (my Aweber Account)

I wan't to send a freebie at first.
Contractor's aren't very web savvy......

so I was thinking something to help them with Facebook for their business
or Twitter? PLR with my Forum's logo, etc.

Any recommendations ideas please? thanks, thanks, thanks!!
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    I don't know your business or I would be more specific, but I would send them some handy little gadget they will use every day and put your web address on it.
    Now ANYONE Can Create and Sell Their Own Product!
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      I have a Combo of a Free Report and an E-course.

      I have purposeful psychology behind this

      The E-course on Sq. Page is to really 'qualify' and narrow down the Prospects who join my List.
      'The E -report is an extra enticement to get them to sign up and take that first step NOW !

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Send them a lot of free content. This is going to help you a lot.

    You can email them articles and videos.
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    Otis, don't take this the wrong way, but something isn't adding up here.

    You are a home improvement contractor. You have a new forum built around home improvement. Is this for other contractors, or for DIY types, or people looking to rehab/remodel?

    Here's the disconnect I'm feeling...

    You have a "business and marketing newsletter", which I assume is aimed at other contractors, yet you have no idea what they might need and your first thought is some type of PLR you can slap a logo on.

    How are you successfully marketing your own HI business online? Create a blueprint, checklist or mind map around that, then use your newsletter and products to flesh that out. Not some kind of PLR you slap a logo on.

    Of course, if you're just trying to build a list to churn with affiliate offers, that's different...
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    I am personally not in your niche, but if I was you I would study your niche in and out on certain tools that you believe are essential in home improvement. Than from their you can off a free guide on the essential tips to home improvement. Within that guide you can sell amazon products that can help around the house. Then of course, just like anything else you would market it online. There is more to it of course, but you get the idea.
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      Think John has asked some very pertinent questions. You have the benefit of working in the market you want to sell to which means you should be able to answer a lot of the questions.

      These are some of the ones I would ask:

      What do your subscribers need?
      What's their biggest problem to solve?
      Where do their customers come from currently?
      Where do their customers spend their time online?
      How do their customers like to be contacted?

      I don't know about most people but I would be very unlikely to hire a home improvement contractor of Facebook or Twitter. For me it would be word of mouth, a website that reviews them etc...

      Which would mean the first thing to do would be focusing on working out how I can get those sites to send me traffic.
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        I greatly appreciate everyone spending the time to respond!

        Here's my adjusted plan going forward. Opinions please.

        Clarify: This forum is for a specific type of contractor. Plumber / Electrician....not saying what niche...but it's one specific contractor..

        First I sent subscribers........

        EMAIL 1: Free
        1 page Flyer called / ladder safety 101
        3 steps / pictures / anyone can look at it and set
        up a ladder safely even if they can't read.
        (told them to hand out to employee's at safety has my forum
        url in 2 areas - hopefully they pass these out and then I get those employee's as
        possible members in the forum!!)

        Email 2: Free
        Article about sales tips for contractors.

        Email 3: Free
        Inspection Form we created over the years. (works great)

        Email 4: Free
        Article about how having multiple websites for my company.....has helped me rank multiple websites on page 1 of google with city keyword phrases. Proof...they just have to type that phrase in google search and they will see...I'm not lying.

        Email 5: Free
        Article explaining how my forum is going to offer a website building/hosting offer. Show how it's cheaper then what they pay for yellow page websites...and actually works better.

        Facebook: Give away one Free website to the first contractor who responds to the post.
        Second contractor to post gets website for 50% off etc. etc.

        Continue to give helpful freebies / beef up my members list / and sell my website creation service, and generate revenue through adwords and affilliate links on forum.

        Start a post about Software programs that help contractor's. Email software companies and show them how their competitors are active in the thread and benefiting from posting. After I get the software companies bickering how each is better in the forum.....offer advertising at a whoever bids highest price type of thing.

        Let software program companies start a thread where they can update it like a blog. Many companies have these blogs on their current website anyhow. This will give the forum constant fresh content for free to my forum!

        Continue to sell my small websites below the price of yellow page contractor sites, and get a monthly revenue stream coming in as long as the companies stay in business...because I will technically own the domains...also....they would be silly to quit paying, because the domains won't be their company names...they will be city keywords that I could just sell a new website to another contractor on that same domain if they quit my service / paying monthly.

        Anyhow....after reading your posts.....this is what I came up with. What do you think??
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          Just one quick question, about your second email.

          What are plumbers and electricians doing inspecting roofs, or doing roof repairs?
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    I was trying not to reveal the exact contractor type I'm targeting.

    - any thoughts on my plan moving forward. thanks!
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