Don't Email just to Email !!

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Of course, many people say that you need to send as many Emails as you can a week if you want to optimize your List.

The problem is when you Email ( to just Email) a lot of times you will turn off your Subs if it is hastily done without redeeming value.

You heard that saying , 'if you don't having anything good to say just don't say anything at all."

I think that mantra can be applied to Email Marketing and should be.

I know I personally have squandered around trying to figure out something to Email my List. But in the long run ,I found it better to just wait until I had something compelling to send.

After time with more experience , the Compelling ideas should come more in abundance

- Robert Andrew
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    Another solution would be to send out a broadcast with "Hey Let's Chat". Never waste an opportunity to build stronger and more relationships with your subscribers
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    I agree with shaolinsteve "Never waste an opportunity"

    Besides, aren't you concerned with your list running cold?

    I'm thinking that would be the same as to many emails.
    After all you've taken the time and money to build a
    Why not send a freebie once in a while such as an ebook
    with a few affiliate links thrown in for good measure and
    tell them to pass it along, you know the old viral marketing trick or
    set up a follow up series of weekly emails such as an Internet Marketing Course.

    And when the ecourse is finished you should have
    "something compelling to send"

    P.S.I'm thinking you already know this?...correct?
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      In Email Marketing the idea is to keep the subscribers on their toes.

      When you look at master Email Marketers like Lee Murray... Sometimes he emails every single day of the week, then 2 emails the next week. Coupled with his best jokes... It's seriously like a TV series.

      I'm waiting for his emails every single day, be it promotional or not. I learn so much from his way of emailing...

      ~ Budi T

      STOP wasting your money into hypes and BS.
      Turn your traffic and subscribers into White Hot Cash!

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    For the usual niches such as MMO or health niches, you may consider preparing about 100 or so interesting emails before hand to run you a whole year. This way, you can be sending out these emails say one every 2 to 3 days as you wait to "get inspired".
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    In my opinion it is better to email (whatever content, but not sales), than not email at all.
    The list can go cold very fast and in 2-3 weeks after subscribing and not getting anything, they could forget the name of the sender.
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    You have to keep them engaged. This is done by combining good FREE content and recommending quality products that will actually help them.

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