9 Essential Email Marketing Tips

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If you are a smart business owner, you will take advantage the many benefits of email marketing for your products and services.

If not than you are missing out on the power of email marketing!

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand or company. The goal is to become known by your target clients.

With email marketing, you can strengthen your online presence without spending a lot of money.

What are the basic steps in sending emails to your list?

1. Setting up your goal You need to have a goal in every endeavor you make to determine the chance of success. In email marketing, alert your target customer with the upcoming products and events. Via sending interesting email, the customers will likely to subscribe to your blog.

2. Be consistent You should be consistent in using the "from+ name+ a hyphen + email address format so that it won't be trapped in a spam filter. Make an email which is more personal and avoid sending the email from email address like sale@ and marketing@. These are usually caught by spam filters and lowers engagement from your potential buyers.

3. Make an impressive subject line You need to catch the attention of your readers by making a call to action in your subject line with at least 45 characters. It should be short, concise and direct to the point. This one way to get your reader more interested in reading your mail.

4. Make a brief but more personalized email body

- Text Put the most important information at the first part of the email since most mails are read by people in less than ten minutes.

- Link The recommended links to be included in the email should be 2-3 and each link must go to the same site page. Bold each link in the email to improve your click-through rate.

- Images Maximum of five images are enough to avoid the email from getting trapped in the spam folder. Every image should go with the links so that after clicking the image people will be redirected to your website.

- CAN-SPAM It is mandated by the law to include your company name, unsubscribe link and address in your email to abide the CAN-SPAM law.

5. Use consistent email footer
- Email signature or footer should start with "from + name" in the email. Do not forget to sign the email and attach other useful information.

6. Test your email Testing to send emails will ensure good results. Use your employee's email addresses and check if they are caught by the firewall or spam filters. Let them check your grammar, misaligned offer, and confusing information in the email.

7. Send the email to your recipients
- Make last minute double-checking of all the links and ensure both the text based version and the HTML version are properly set up.

8. Respond to your subscribers. One of the most important goals in email marketing is building relationships among subscribers. You need to respond emails in a timely manner regarding t your subscriber's comments, questions, and issues.

9. Track your return on investment When done properly, email marketing creates more leads and money in the cash register. Recently, email marketing is commonly used by digital marketers.
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