What system do you recommended for email marketing automation?

by Hain
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I'm looking for some advanced system to email marketing automation. Do you know/use some?
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    If you're talking about an autoresponder than you can check out Aweber, or Mad mimi.

    Having Email Deliverability issues?
    Head off to Winning Email for a free checkup!

    Looking for a freemium Social Media Manager?
    You may wanna check out DoSocial

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    Right now Im using Get Response. This gives you a the following:

    Landing page
    Free 1 month trial to Unlimited suscribers
    Create Newsletters

    so go on have a look..
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      I go with Aweber. It has been very reliable for me for 6 years now.

      - Robert Andrew
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    I have been using GetResponse and I am very pleased with them. Also Aweber is highly recommend. You will not go wrong with either.
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    I use aweber and I am very happy with it.
    There are so many tutorials on how to use various features at the site and also on youtube.

    Vendor-Lock has a self hosted solution his thread is in the wso section it might be worth your while to read the 30 pages (I don't know him and I don't know the level of support)

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    I used to recommend GetResponse.

    Then I had an issue I needed help with. Their support is horrendous. They don't even know their own product. Short version - they couldn't figure out why their automation wasn't working.

    It also doesn't help that their support is in Poland?!?! Might make sense if you're on that side of the pond but for me it was stupid. 1 email a day (in the middle of the night for me of course) from support for 2 weeks trying to fix the same problem.

    Aweber makes it easy so that's what I'd recommend.



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    What level of email automation are you looking for ?

    If you are looking for simple email drips/autoresponder based automation, you can try Aweber or Madmimi.

    For advance email automation based on few set conditions. Try MailChimp.

    For even further email automation where you want to automate based on what your website visitor is visiting on your website, Try Mixpanel or Vero.
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    Hosted Interspire.. all depends what you wish to achieve.
    Web Design Leads Exclusive/Daily/100+ . Free Test. PM or Skype: premiumwebdesignleads
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    I think most of the big autoresponder systems on the market will work for you. I have personally used Get Response and Aweber and really like both of them. If I had to choose one it would probably be Get Response because i've used it longer and i'm very comfortable with the user interface.
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    2 Top ones would be Getresponse and Awber. I would check out Getresponse seeing that you get the first month free list pricing is better, also open rate same to be better as well.
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