The 30-Day Hold Method: Triple Conversions?

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I was just reading a Gary Halbert letter [one of the best copywriters to ever live]
what I came across was a small piece of information that could literally transform a business from a zero to a hero.

The 30-Day Hold

I know people are impatient these days so here is a quick summary:

When you sell a product or service instead of having the normal cost of your product/service exchange that with a payment form where they pay with paypal/card and will not be charged for 30 days,but receive the goods now.Then if they enjoyed the product then good if not, they will not be charged at all.

Now, here is what Gary said,

"We are so sure you will love this product, we are not even going to cash your check until at least 30-days after we have shipped your product. That way, you will have plenty of time to examine our product and discover for yourself how wonderful it is. If you are dissatisfied, you can return the product to us and we will send back to you your UNCASHED check. If you decide to order by credit card, we will not process your credit card for 30-days. So, if you decide to return the product, we will destroy all of your credit card details and your card will never be charged."

Thing is that advice was given many years ago when it was prominent to sell and ship physical products but it can still work with digital goods or at least should be used as a split test in your next product launch.

Worried Yet?

It is common for you to be a little worried about this (especially newbies)...

I mean what!? Basically giving away your goods and not charging them for 30 days and they still only pay if they liked your product/service.

Thanks goodness there was been extensive research done and case studied that prove in most cases this method can triple conversions. Yes in many cases it has also lowered refund rates as well.

In some cases it has doubled refund rates BUT STILL comes out on top with bigger ROI than otherwise would have.

If you would like the source and letter of this information feel free to PM me, unless I am allowed to post the link here?
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