Need your help please. GetResponse email format driving me insane in the membrane!

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This is driving me insane and is wasting time.

I create an email in Notepad.

I paste it into the HTML Editor of GetResponse. And it has too much space between lines. See:

I send that as a test email, and it looks different. Only 1 space between lines. But, it starts the 2nd line of a paragraph as it's own paragraph. See:

If I paste it into the plain text window of GR it formats perfectly. See:

Problem is, I want the plain text look but want to add html links. But when I paste from anywhere into the html editor is goes wacky. Even if I paste from the GR plain text window, format still gets screwed up.

I keep having to manually delete the extra spaces. Takes forever on long emails.

How do I make the html editor format like the plain text window?
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    Holy crap. Just figured it out. Need to use the new editor rather than the old one.


    Well, at least it's fine now!
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      Yes, you don't want a text email, you want an HTML template that looks like a text email.

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