How would I email marketing???

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How i can get email marketing. I'm totally new in online marketing. anyone help me??
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    This is a massive subject, but I'll try to give you a quick outline.

    First, you need to buy a domain and build a website. Most people use WordPress because it's one of the quickest and easiest to set up.

    Then you need to create a list using an email service provider. I use Mailchimp.

    After that, you need to install certain plugins so people can opt in to your list. If you google Mailchimp Plugins or List Building Plugins, you'll find a bunch of free ones that will be more than adequate.

    Then, you need the product or service that you're selling. This could be an eBook, a course, a service where you work with clients, etc.

    Once that is set up, you will most likely need to set up an email autoresponder. This allows you to set up an entire email series that gets sent out once people opt in to your list. You can make these as long as you want, and you can space out the emails as far apart as you want.

    I'm assuming that you want to go for quick sales, rather than building a long term relationship with your list.

    I wouldn't necessarily suggest the quick sale for a sustainable business, but it will definitely get you started and help you learn.

    Your email auto responder should go something like this:

    1st email - introduce yourself and send them a high value piece of content to help them solve a problem.

    2nd email - another high value piece of content.

    3rd email - another high value piece of content, and hint that you will have a special surprise for them in the next email.

    4th email - introduce your product or service with another high value piece of content.

    5th email - introduce a bonus offer for buying the product or service.

    6th email - make the final offer, and include a time limit to accept it (48 hours or something)

    The key is the quality content you send out. You should seriously want to help them in this area of their lives. You should help them so much that your product or service becomes their natural next step.

    However, if you want to get serious about email marketing, I suggest building an online business around something you're passionate about down the road. Churn out useful content. Build an email list. Develop a relationship with them, and produce your own products or offer your own services.

    That's when you'll be truly making a difference in the world.

    Good luck, and have fun!

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    Originally Posted by Ashikul Islam View Post

    How i can get email marketing.
    Here are 6 threads which collectively cover most of the "key concepts". Between them, they've helped quite a lot of people here. They should at least get you oriented enough to be able to formulate some more specific questions.

    What are the essential things to know about list building?

    Lists: How Long to Presell - Averages

    Website or squeeze page

    Where to get reports to give away on opt in page?

    Autoresponders vs. Broadcasts

    Sick of Emails Not Being Opened?

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    This is one of the things,when you master it,can bring you a shitload of clockwork.

    You can consider it as your personal ATM,but if you mess it up...your reputation and your "goodwill" goes down the drain,along with your money.

    Don`t run for money,learn the basics,then practice and I can recommend you two of my favourite mentors that tought me the magic of this job:
    -Frank Kern ("Mass Control" & his "List Control")
    -My personal mentor Vick Strizheus and his awesome "High Traffic Academy 2.0"

    Check it out,master it and rock on !
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      Originally Posted by HTA Guy View Post

      -Frank Kern ("Mass Control" & his "List Control")
      1,400$ payment if he wasted our time? Is that for real? That Frank seems to be the Men
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    Originally Posted by Ashikul Islam View Post

    How i can get email marketing. I'm totally new in online marketing. anyone help me??
    If you are looking for a really great email marketing coach, I recommend Internet Business Coach Terry Dean. I have been following him for years now and he is one of the best coaches out there when it comes to email marketing and doing really well.
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    First I would define your objectives like do you want more leads? Do you want to inform and educate your audience? Do you want to introduce your offerings or enhance your brand and reputation? Do you want more sales?

    Then I would craft compelling content and offers like case studies, surveys, webinars, and eBooks

    Be sure to follow email marketing best practices by avoiding suspect subject lines: words in all caps, punctuation, more than 55 characters. Messy HTML code and large attachments. (It’s usually best not to send attachments at all in marketing emails that go to a substantial number of contacts.) Words and phrases that trigger spam filters: “Act now” “Free” “New” and “Credit.”

    Choose a Professional Email Service Provider like Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, etc...
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    I have a question,
    Isn't email list the same as affiliation? I saw a video from a guy talking about affiliation marketing, but he said that the big money comes from email lists? I thought that it was the same, we get a list and update people with products (affiliation products), right? Unless you make a product of your own.
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