40,000 email to send what software is best

by rr1455
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I have 40,000 emails from my web pages that I need to send out.
I am thinking of using one of these programs:
Glock Software

I would like to have some suggestions. Thx for your help in advance.
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    Sendgrid has a basic plan that lets you send 40k emails for $9.95.
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    I do not know anything other than the emails came from my web sites:
    Apibestinclass.com | My WordPress Blog
    Index of /
    AirScottsdale.com | Videos about Air in Scottsdale
    Apibestinclass.net | Only the Best in Class

    Yes I am trying send grind with mail poet, but have problems getting sample email to me, so I guess the total package is not going out????
    Any comments would be great, thanks again for you help. Also would be interested in a JV with someone...


    Roger Rohrs (skype: Scottsdale.video)


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    I strongly recommend Amazon SES. They charge 10 cent per 1,000 emails sent. I've been looking for a reliable mass email provider with reasonable pricing and they fit that description perfectly. Check it out.
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    I would advice to you active campain, a perfect online tool for email marketing campain. With a weekly small price of 9€, activecampain has a lot of new features compared with other competitors in the same price range.
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    Sendblaster is the best one. I have used this and got results without spam.
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    You might want to look at emailjeet.com

    - Nizam
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    Godaddy Email marketing service is the best one with affordable pricing . It is very cost effective Service from any other top providers with quality.

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    Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

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    How to get a free SMTP service to use with senblaster?
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      Why don't you get a VPS? As long as your email isn't spam you should be able to send unlimited emails.
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    Hi Guy,
    SendBlaster is well for email sending i have used it !
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    SendBlaster is good for sending bulk mails, You may also use amazon services as well. Thanks.
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    Amazon's getting a little more stricter with signups for there email platform
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    I really like Mailchimp, but it gets expensive for 40,000 subscribers.
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    I use AIOP for unlimited email sender just for less $11 fee amonth
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    I think the best way for sending massive number of emails is Amazon SES or one of my favourites-
    Mandrill (from Mailchimp)....

    1)super-easy to configure (unlike the Amazon SES)
    3)No monthly fees

    I`ve use it for my 80,000 email subscribers and it works like magic

    I hope this clears things a little bit.
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    I like mailchimp.

    4 Best Email Marketing Services

    Nowadays, Aweber, icontact, getresponse are in the stage.
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    According to my knowledge I suggest you Sendgrid for use at lowest rates......
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    In my opinion Sendgrid is best. But you have to pay $9.90 for sending 40k email. If you are looking for cheap software, then you can go to Amazon SES. It will charge you $4 for sending 40k email.
    https://www.rankleads.com/ Fresh Web Design and SEO Leads for Sale.
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    I think you should try GetResponse as your test campaign. It has a 30 days free trail. This is one of the leading Autoresponder.
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    I did try a premium service $300 per month that said they had the best of everything. Eventually I quit with zero results. After I quit and they kept billing my card. I still have a big list but I don't see the point now after all the grief.
    Lesson Learned!
    Internet tools made simple I always begin at the beginning but I didn't invent the universe first
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    Well unfortunately all the solutions besides autoresponders, are useless, your emails will end in spam box, and your account will be shut.
    To work around this you have to set up your own vps and mailing scripts (IEM for example)
    but you need lots of add ons like IP rotation.. and even though all the hard work, you will end up by +60% of sent email in spam folders.

    Email marketing is not easy, if you want to do it on your own.
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    I use activecampaign downloaded script to deliver 200k subscribers, it works fine to us.
    But they seems only offer cloud version now.

    I think you can find some commercial newsletters scripts at $300~$600 listed on hotscripts.com
    They should all work.
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    Amazon SES can massively do it for you.
    SELL & BUY Adult Traffic
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    I've personally been using Aweber. Been with them forever now, Definitely check them out.
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  • mailjet.com, verticalresponse and aweber are some of the best options. I have used mailjet and vertical response myself with great results.
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    According to me, Never go software .. Use online Email marketing services ... Mailchimp is a good option.
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    ....try those software.
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    Well if you have only these 2 options. Then definitely go for Sendblaster. I will give you spam free result.

    Hope this helps !
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    Do you have any experience with Sendblaster 3?
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    100% T1 clicks - https://gethqclicks.com/
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    Try Sendy.co

    It costs $59 I believe to get the software, but it can be run on a DigitalOcean VPS for $5/month plus Amazon SES, which is SUPER cheap!

    Here's a quick guide to making Sendy into your own version of Mailchimp for $5/mo: http://davekiss.com/create-your-own-...th-with-sendy/
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