Paid Listbuilding. Bing or FB?

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I've been thinking about building a list through paid advertising. Was wondering which PPC ad platform would be best to start out with Bing or FB. Looking at the womens weight loss niche. cheers
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    Why weightloss? Most keywords for that are very high. But its like anything you sale. If you make profit then your good. I have heard and had good experience with bing.

    I hope that helps
    Good luck!

    Rockn PPC
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    I have not had success with either FB or bing. Why dont you try Adwords?
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    I am yet to mess with FB @ all however I have had some success with Bing however my niche isn't related to weight loss.
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    Hi Jay,

    I'm in the womens weight loss niche and I use FB for my paid traffic.
    One of the best things about FB ads is that you can get really laser targeted traffic and that will get give you better conversion. Here is what I do to get laser targeted traffic when I start a new campaign on FB:

    Go to google and search for Weight loss/fitness magazines, weight loss products and weight loss programs. Write it all down on a list.

    Then go to amazon and search for weight loss books. Write down top seller titles together with the author.

    When you create the new FB ad enter 2-4 interests from your list and this way you can splittest and find a winning campaign. Never go for general categories when you add interests such as "weight loss" or "losing weight" because the competition will be huge and it can be hard to get good conversions.

    Be specific when entering interests and you will get hot laser targeted traffic coming your way.

    Hope it helps,
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    I can definitely recommend BING ads. I've used them and they work. It'll take some tweaking and testing of course - just like any form of advertising will. But, if you get the right keywords, they're cheap, you'll get more than enough clicks and once you tweak enough - you'll get the results. You just have to be consistent and want to master it. This is in the MMO niche as well (so keep that in mind).

    FB you probably would have a better chance targeting your market - but I have yet to play with their system yet, so I can't do much speaking on their behalf.

    Hope that helps!
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    Since FB Allow you to target very well your audience I'd say FB But it can be expensive, especially with top tier countries. I advice you to prove and test your ads with Bing and when you have all your ads tested and proven, then five FB ADS a try and see what happens.

    hope that helps
    Jany Luz Posada
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    FB for sure if you do it right you can get super targetted leads for a very cheap price. Also you can get more targetted with FB.
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    I think the only way you can figure it out is to try both cuz some times the result varies on different offers!And they are not expensive to test a bit especially bing you can get $100 coupon for $5 on fiverr.Test test test and see what works for you.
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    I'd say you go with facebook ads. Bing has higher cpc than facebook in many cases, as far as I know.
    Also FB offers great audience targeting options, which will allow you to target your ads more effectively.
    As far as adwords is concerned, it has a lot higher cpc than facebook. So if you think you can afford it (especially in a market like weight loss), you can give it a shot. Just remember work on your landing page before you spend any money
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    I usually use Facebook Ads. The reasons are:
    - more odds to find the right niche
    - a lot of women users
    - a lot of pages with this kind of products

    You have to fint the bing ads data to understand the right situation. If the women don't use bing search, is a completly useless strategy . With Facebook you have the safe factor of the presence of your target !
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    Hey Jay, Weight loss is a great Niche.. However its got al ot of noise and tons of ppl promoting stuff in that niche, but if you can niche down in the womans weight loss you might have a good shot at making a good business.

    I would test with FB traffic, because you can target better with them, Bing is a lot cheaper the Google, but bing will still cost you a good amount.

    You're looking at like a $1.50 CPC

    Hope this helped.
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      How do you capture the leads? Are you guys using a squeeze page? Doesn't FB frown on that? What about Bing?


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    I got 5-10 cents clicks with Bing in the weight loss niche targeting a big audience with keywords like "lose weight".
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      Getting more and more inclined towards FB. Just because it is getting bigger and bigger and the abilities to really target ultra specific Interests in Prospects is amazing.

      - Robert Andrew
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    Only using fb ads for it's targetting possibilities, would test bing and adwords tough.
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    Don't try Adwords: it's to expensive.
    I suggest Facebook ads, but try to target well your audience. Offer a free report on target to optin.
    Use a conversion pixel to see how much You'll pay for signup. If cost per conversion is lower than 1$, you are targeting well your audience.
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    I'd go for FB ads, you can get a really target custom audience for your niche.

    However no matter what route you get with paid ads, best way to get some ROI straight away is to send them after your optin to a thank you page where you tell them that their gift has been sent to their email inbox and redirect them to an easy conversion CPA offer (email/zip submit) related to your niche.

    That way you will be building a list very cheap, if you have a good conversion rate with the CPA offer, you can even make some profit that you can reinvest in your ads.
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    You should try both, but from what I know, facebook is better because you can target more specifically as a result you get higher conversion rates.
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  • My recommendation would definitely be Facebook Ads, as many of the above I find targeting specific niche demographics is far easier and more effective. After all we are all about effective NOT efficient!!

    Aren't we????

    Still remember to test, test, test whatever you advertise. Conversions are king!!
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    Bing is good I think, you can optimize which one the keywords has more click and you can stop with limited click. So, you just make a small research with a minimum bid (1 penny), then after you find keyword with more click. It's just simple, Increase your bid to get more profit.

    FB is good, but for beginner it can be expensive at all. I said it is expensive just in the beginning because you have to set your adset to find the winning campaign to get more viral traffic...
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    Great posts!

    A major difference between facebook and bing is the mindset of people.

    In bing people are looking for a solution as soon as posible.

    In facebook people are looking for fun.

    Both are great for listbuilding but which one suit better your plan?
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      Originally Posted by DZM View Post

      Great posts!

      A major difference between facebook and bing is the mindset of people.

      In bing people are looking for a solution as soon as posible.

      In facebook people are looking for fun.

      Both are great for listbuilding but which one suit better your plan?
      Very true, social media is for entertainment so I would personaly go with bing for that reason.
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    For weight loss, I would definitely go with Bing, it's more weight loss friendly.

    Aside from that, I'm a big fan of FB ads outside the fitness niche.
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    FB ads seem to be a lot more targeted, look up a guy called Mike Bountempo on FB he knows his stuff about FB ads!
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  • FB ads are the best bang for you buck!
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    Had good results with Bing until they shut down my ads because they were directing people to a squeeze page. It seems Bing doesn't like squeeze pages, only full blown websites.
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    If you are trying to go with specific criteria like age or location,
    then FB ads would be excellent for that. If that doesn't really matter then
    Bing is a good option. They are both good to work with to run ads.
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    I think FB is better as compared to bing or it depends your target audience.
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    I think both can be winner, it depends on how setup your campaign. Check all the Audience targeting /demographic parameter and decide on which one yours campaign can be set more targeted. You also can start with a small amount campaign and monitor the performance. Then keep one.
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    Bing is underestimated and this can be used as an advantage. Try two separate campaigns with small amount of money and see how it goes.
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    Why don't you test them both out? Start with one at a time if you don't have the budget for both right now, don't underestimate either one of them because you might have a whole different experience than others did.
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