95 %Email Must get into inbox ,how ???

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I am doing Email campaign for my Client sites. He always says his mail to inbox. Most important is all our emails , whether it is Marketing or Follow ups MUST GET INTO INBOX and not Spam or Junk , I am ready to invest in whatever it takes to achieve 95% Delivery into the INBOX. Please drop your valuable comments and suggestion about above subjects.
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    The only way to inbox above 90% is to use reliable autoresponders ( Aweber, getresponse, activecampaign.... )
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    There's no way somebody can guarantee 95% inbox rate, anybody that tells you differently is lying.

    It depends on way too many factors to give you a solid answer, and no, using a reliable atoresponder company to send out emails isn't it.
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    Jens is correct - no one can do that all of the time.

    Here's an example. I reset my Outlook.com password last week and later found a message from Microsoft in my Outlook.com junkmail that confirmed that my password had been reset.

    If Microsoft cannot send email and get it into their own email accounts, you will not be able to do it.
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    I think it's smarter to focus on open rates and click through rates, instead of just getting your emails into the inbox. I would rather take a 20% open rate and 80% of my emails going to inboxes, instead of a 5% open rate and all of them going to people's inboxes.

    Here are three quick tips that will help you increase your open rates.

    Tip #1: Your Reply-To Email Address

    One of the most important things I found is that you will NEVER want to use a free email service provider like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail as your reply-to.

    Instead make sure you use your domain name so your email address should look more like info@john.com instead of john@gmail.com.

    I made this simple change and my open rates increased dramatically in just a few days. Then I did some quick math in my head and realized that with the money I could have made from knowing this, I could have bought a new car... I mean my list at that point was already almost 100,000!

    The reply to email address can often be over looked because people mainly use their free email service provider rather than even their own domain's email address. Just look at the numerous applications I receive everyday most of them run their own online business and have their own domain's email address but will often use their email address from Gmail or Hotmail as their reply-to email address with the autoresponder.

    Tip #2: Respond to Every Email

    What would you say if I told you that getting more actual spam complaints would increase your deliverability rates and your emails would be a lot more likely to land in people's primary tabs and less likely in their spam folders?

    So, you know, no matter what you do, there's no way to prevent people from complaining and sending emails like:

    What the hell is this???????????


    STOP SPAMMING ME!!!!!!!!!!

    As you are building your email list and constantly communicating with your list this is inevitable and will happen from time to time.

    But receiving these types of complaints can actually work in your favour!

    I'll explain why.

    First, let me ask you - What is Gmail? Google. What is Google? A Search engine. What does a search engine do? Analyzes data.

    When Gmail compares two different marketers, who will it favor more - the marketer who doesn't respond to subscribers, or the one that responds to every single subscriber's inquiries or complaints?

    Of course! Gmail will favour the marketer that responds to their subscribers.

    So in a very weird way, getting complaints can actually help you improve your deliverability rates.

    Isn't that great?

    So, in my list building coaching program I always advise my clients to reply to our subscribers even if there's nothing to reply to.

    Often people will send an email saying

    "Thanks, the free gift was great"

    And I respond to them with something like this:

    "I'm glad you found the free gift informative - you're welcome!"

    And then they will actually reply back saying:

    "Wow, you ACTUALLY responded to my email. This has never happened to me before, thank you so much"

    And again I would reply back to them saying:

    "You're welcome - keep checking out my emails to get more amazing tips"

    And if they respond back with another comment - I respond back with another - basically I keep the cycle going of responding until all their responses or questions are answered. This level of interactivity shows Gmail that you are a REAL person and that you're increasing a Google user's experience with your email responses.

    On top of making Gmail super happy with my email responses - the subscribers are more happy and it increases the level of open rates with that subscriber and increases the probability that they will end up buying a few offers from me down the road.

    It's a bit crazy when you think about it, isn't it?

    Tip #3: Use AWeber

    My coaching clients and people who know me are very familiar with me saying the same thing over and over again - AWeber is the best AutoResponder out there.

    The reason why I go on about Aweber is because first and foremost they have the highest deliverability rates of all Autoresponders out there (when I say that, I mean for folks who do affiliate marketing - there are other better companies if you don't do affiliate marketing). So you have a lot more chances of your emails hitting the Primary tab of your subscriber's inbox rather than the Spam folder.

    The reason why Aweber has higher deliverability rates than any other autoresponder out there is because they have the best reputation with free email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. There excellent reputation comes from their zero tolerance policy to spammers. In fact I've met some pretty advanced email marketers that have gotten their AWeber account shut down due to abusing the rules, lol.
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    For getting 95% of your emails in your consumer inbox, you need to minimize your deliverability failures as much as possible. For minimizing the failures, you first need to see where the problem lies.

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    Thanks for a great reply Matt. But have you caught up with the news aweber does not like the word info any more in email addresses for example info@xxxx.yyy is not accepted any more. Also; I just wish spam laws worked and I wasn't placed on so many lists after subscribing to just one list. Unsubscribing from different lists simply increases the number of lists I appear on. Its like the worm still keeps growing even when I don't feed it!
    Internet tools made simple I always begin at the beginning but I didn't invent the universe first
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