I wanna get RID of your BS List!

by Idol
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This may alert some sellers to be more responsible about their email marketing.
I have been seeing a rise in the WSO sellers grabbing Buyer's email addresses when they sell anything.

This is because of marketplaces like Jvzoo and W+ implementing this feature to allow sellers to collect buyer email addresses for future marketing and keeping it "Checked" by default.

I've been buying many WSOs recently and most of the times I uncheck the option to be inside the sellers list.

But sometimes I forget to uncheck it during buying. That is where they get chances to email me 1-6 times a day! Think what? If I get 6 unwanted emails to my main address from the same person, what about others and my important emails?

There is an option to unsubscribe from the list at the bottom of each email.

But what made me to come here and post this is, a seller using a service called Interspire to send those BS to me which doesn't seem to be responding to my unsubscribe request. That guy is keeps on annoying me everyday and I keep on deleting them.
I believe that as a buyer, I owe you some loyalty and I expect you to respect my unsubscribe request.

I don't know what is the way to get rid of this regular annoying; there is no way to contact the buyer as I forgot what WSO I bought from him. One option I think is' stop buying WSOs?

Thanks for your input; @readers
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    When that happens to me, I set up a filter (in Gmail) to send any new messages from that domain/sender directly to the trash. That solves the problem for me. I do not hear from that person again.

    Another thing I do sometimes when I suspect that I will not be interested in other emails from that person or that I will be bombarded is give an alternative email address (that I have access to, in case I receive passwords or account information). Sometimes, I will go through the emails in that account and if I see that some provide value, I change the email address to receive them in my regular email.
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    Great point to me! I'll try this to filter out those unwanted senders.
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