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hi all..i am new to email marketing. About a month ago, i send email (broadcast) to my subscriber (just a little 250 subscriber,but they are targeted list in a specific niche.(I build that lists from SEO). As the result, i got 6 sales from promoting affiliate . Now i want to build another "targeted list". How can i do that?? I am planning to start building my targeted list in IM/MMO sub niche (Amazon,CPA, Video marketing, etc). Is that possible using soloads?? Or any other method ??

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    Soloads are very effective within the IM/MMO, Remember to track everything very carefully and A/B test your squeeze pages etc to maximise conversions.

    I would suggest to be very careful with who you pay for your solo ad's and don't just take their word for the quality of their list. Use lots of small solo ads from different vendors and then track which ones earn you the most money.

    A good way to recoup your money very fast is to offer a high quality one time offer.
    If you buy a solo ad for $50 dollars and can manage to get 50 people onto your list whilst making say 5 X $10 dollar affiliate sales you are effectively building your list for free.

    Once you get to this point it is just a case of scaling up

    I hope this is of some help to you, all the best

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  • If you are looking for an authentic solo ad platform. Directory of ezine is on of the best source. As for as solo ad is concerns, If you found the great and authentic source like DOE, it can convert for you and convert well.
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    Careful with who you pay for solo ads. Somebody just have unresponsive mail list.
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    It is important to research the solo ad seller. I always ask for recommendations from trusted associates of mine, so I know who is the go to guy or girl for solo ads at the moment.
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    It's very possible to build your list by using solo ads. Solo ads is the best way to create your list. But remember, if you buy solo ads please buy then in the same person next month. It'll make solo ads list fresh again with your offer..

    To find the best solo ads seller, you can looking for in FB group
    1. Solo Ads Testimonial
    2. High Volum Solo Ads

    You can see many testimonial to select which one solo ads will makes me profitable

    God Luck

    -Muhamad Edison A
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