What do you do with your Unconfirmed Subscriber List?

by acchao
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Hey guys,

I would like to know what did you do with unconfirmed subscriber list ? (For double-opt in)

There are only few reason I can think of why they are at that "Unconfirmed" list category..

1) They simply do not want to be subscribe to your list
2) They did not receive the confirmation email after singing up
3) The confirmation email went to junk box

Either way... What will you do with these email list?

I'm using Get-response and I'm thinking of either change my optin into single opt-in method or upload the list 90 days later directly into my existing list....

What do you think?

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      This really depends on what kind of mailer you want to be.
      Single opt in you could risk losing your account with Get Response if your list has some complainers that make their way in.
      You will also find that if engagement is not strong enough, your messages will not inbox to the major TLD's and cables.
      If you run double opt in, you will lose a lot of subscribers, but you should get much stronger delivery.
      If you go the double opt in route, just throw those extra subscribers away and work to continue to build that list.
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        You should use single optin. Because now you are loosing a lot of subscribers. We have found that if you don't use single optin, you will be losing 30 - 50% of new subscribers.

        Originally Posted by ProducerK View Post

        Single opt in you could risk losing your account with Get Response if your list has some complainers that make their way in.
        I disagree. You are not in risk of using your account just because of a few complainers. if you send realistic messages which are not misleading. And you do not email too often. You will not lose anything with GetResponse.

        We had over 10 accounts with GetResponse and that just simply never happened to us or to any of our 160+ clients
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    If you want to be a smart email marketer I advise you to set up double opt in. You lose a lot of suscribers but your conversion will be high. Over the time you will make a lot of money, work less and have less refund.
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