How can Email Marketing increase My business?

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Hello Market Expert,

How can Email Marketing increase My business?

This is my website is : Currency Tips,Forex Tips plz give me a suggestion regarding my website.

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    I see your website recently, maybe you can add your web by adding email pop up. So, people who look at your website email pop up will be shown to capture your visitor email

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      I am not an expert but I have some experience. The email gives the "first click", inform the users...

      1. Subject - short, 5 to 10 words, speak briefly and to the point.
      2. List of email addresses - new email accounts (empty spam folders), they will read your messages.

      Good luck
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    Email marketing could increase your business by you yourself the business owner being able to keep customers in the loop of what is going on, any new products you have to offer and such. It really is an easier way to keep your customers informed which many like.
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    Email marketing is about giving your subscribers valuable content, offers and relationships. These three are the key to your success. If all you want to do is pitch offers, personally I subscribe faster than a speeding bullet
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    your traffic is too low, you must update unique forex content
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    Hmm well... You can offer some related freebie to capture leads when they visit your site. You can do a newsletter about what is going on in the markets. In emails you can put links to your new articles to turn leads into repeat visitors to your site. You can sell Forex related stuff like Forex EA (bots), courses or recommend Forex brokers. When you have subscribers you can do ad swaps to grow your list and get more visitors to your site. You can write a short KIndle ebook and on the first page offer a short course or advertise your newsletter then send subscribers to your articles or sell them stuff. The possibilities are endless with email marketing.
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    Originally Posted by Rajnisht View Post

    Hello Market Expert,

    How can Email Marketing increase My business?

    This is my website is : Currency Tips,Forex Tips plz give me a suggestion regarding my website.

    You definitely should have a subscribe form on the right of your website.

    You could offer some free resources or updates.

    Having an email list would help you to remarket your products
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    Originally Posted by Rajnisht View Post

    Hello Market Expert,

    How can Email Marketing increase My business?

    This is my website is : Currency Tips,Forex Tips plz give me a suggestion regarding my website.

    Hi Mate,
    First I will glad to know how you want to target email list of subscribers.
    Are these your subscriber or you will be sending cold email marketing campaign to cold email list...
    About your website I think you need to work on the design, it look outdated to me.
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    Email marketing is one of the oldest and most important forms of internet marketing. Back in the early days of the internet, before the emergence of large social media sites, email marketing was considered as the primary method for doing PR online. The way how email marketing increase our business is :
    1. sales conversion
    2.cross selling.
    Perhaps the best thing about email marketing is that it allows business and website owners to interact with their customers on a more personal level. If your audience likes your emails they will respond to it. You can then use their input to improve your business and services.
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    build your email list,make good relationship with your list.then start your business...
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    By doing email marketing you can hit through the people directly. And therefore you can know the demand of people. So, it's easy to get idea from people what they want or looking for.
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    via email marketing customer can survay of ur business form anywhere.
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    Email marketing is the best way to contact directly to the customers if one have a strong database.
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    I am surprised to not see free offer in your site about your topic. If you want to success with email marketing you must update in your site for subscribers information and give them free stuff. It is difficult to people to subscrib or come back to your site if you don't have anything which attract them.
    To your success
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    Email marketing can increase your business numerous ways. The most important way it will increase your business is that it allows you to build relationship with your subscribers and allows you to present yourself as a authority figure in your niche. You become the go to person for answers in your niche when your subscribers need answers. Email marketing also allows you to market quality products through your list without the need of other traffic sources. You can market products to your list at anytime.
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    i offer virtual services and products for comapanies, email marketing for me is the best way to earn clients.
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    Like any smart business owner, you want to know the benefits of email marketing.There are a big list but i will let you know some of the important point which help you out .
    1. Email marketing can increase your sales.
    2. Email keep your business top of mind.
    3. Keep customers coming back with regular emails.
    4. Use emails to establish your authority.
    5. Establish and nurture relationship through Emails.
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      I had a quick look at your website and I believe you should focus more on your preference tactics. The site lacks a compelling content. Many business owners have different data sources of customer data. So make sure you update your data and make it easily accessible on various channels. A wonderful way to audit is to ensure your other data sources match up with the master data sources. It's important to focus on your communication triggers. Make sure you have proper plans to optimize your site for mobile platforms too.
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    You could offer a free report. A little bit of something sweet.
    Use an autoresponder to manage this. Mail Chimp which is free or Aweber if you want to pay.
    Start building a list.
    Once you have a list then you can start given them heads up on new content.
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    Most people, when they first visit your site, will not buy what ever you are trying to sell to them.

    They may be at work and don't have the time to read or view the sales page. Maybe they are just about the leave the house.

    The nice thing about email marketing is that you can follow up with these interested prospects as many times until they do make a decision to buy. The fortune is in the follow up and it may take you anywhere between 5-10 email to have them buy.

    If they don't buy and take themselves OFF your list, no big deal. If you persist and get new leads everyday, you will make sales.
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    Think of email marketing as being as important as having a telephone for your business! Email is still and will remain to be for some time one of the most important ways you communicate with your clients or "would be" clients. Advertising (all forms) brings people in but it doesn't make them stay, or probably ever come back and you have worked or paid to get them to come - not trying to get them in an email list when they come so you can have multiple chances to "win" them in the future... is a huge loss!

    With an email program - "just to start" you can do the following:

    1. Have a continued dialogue - if they weren't interested in the first visit, you can show them in the future that you have more to offer then they thought, or a better offer down the road!

    2. Win them over as a friend - if you have valuable content to share, then do it! Include stuff in your emails they will find valuable besides sales offers. If someone looks forward to opening your emails they will likely start to buy in the future.

    3. If you do ecom you can create an abandon cart program - and win a high percentage of sales you would have otherwise lost, there is a reason almost every medium to large retailer practices this religiously!

    4. Study the metrics in your email program - what people are clicking on and responding to ( or not responding to ) can tell you what is working and what is not, and then tailor for success based on these findings!

    This is just a start, email programs can start with simple strategies like offer testing, subject line testing, welcome message, birthday message etc.. which are low hanging fruit and when you see the "results" you can get really complex with things like welcome series, abandon cart, variable testing any event email marketing should probably have an important place in your business and their are awesome places to learn great tricks like marketingsherpa!

    We are from Canada and our CASTLE laws have made email really painful as of late, but we still do it because it is so powerful!

    Best Regards!

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