Why are my emails still getting sent to spam?

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Hey guys I just have this frustrating problem. My emails keep going to the spam folders on all email platforms (outlook, gmail, yahoo mail etc.) I dont know what can be the problem. I am currently using aweber so I dont think thats the problem and my spam score shows 0.0 or 0.5 so I dont know whats the issue
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    I get the same problem. I think it has to do with the words we use..

    For example words like: earn,money,income,opportunity.. that kind of words..

    If anything knows something about this, I would love to hear it to...
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    It's pretty simple overall...stop spamming offers on cold lists. Put more thought and effort into your titles to make them seem like they're coming from a genuine source. Send out emails far less frequently to the same recipients. Have a legitimate "sender name".

    All of these things are taken into consideration before you get spammed by the ISPs. Because let's face it, as much as you want those emails to make it to their destination....if they look like spam then they're not going to make it.

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    If the emails which you sent does not have a good open rate or are frequently marked as spam. It could create a problem.

    Does this problem occur with everyday emails as well or just the ones which contain promotional content?
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    Thanks for the replies and one things I wanted to point out as well is I haven't even got the chance to send an offer. So far I just sent emails with tips and valuable content, I haven't got to that part yet.
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      Originally Posted by rick323 View Post

      Thanks for the replies and one things I wanted to point out as well is I haven't even got the chance to send an offer. So far I just sent emails with tips and valuable content, I haven't got to that part yet.
      A trick I learned when starting out was to NOT put ANY links in your first few emails at all.

      You are sending them value anyway, right?
      You are not trying to sell them while building up your name, right?

      So, don't even put a link in there.
      You'd be surprised!

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  • Do a Google search for SPAM triggering words, and don't use those words, hope that helps.
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      Originally Posted by Francesco Iantorno View Post

      Do a Google search for SPAM triggering words, and don't use those words, hope that helps.
      This is most likely the reason when you haven't yet built up a reputation with the email service providers.
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      Indeed. There are many spam words and even if you use an exclamation point it can be put in the spam folder.
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    Email's get sent to spam folders for a TON of different reasons.

    Your IP reputation AKA sender reputation - learn more here: https://senderscore.org/
    That's a service provided by return path.

    Your wording including subject lines and email body.

    Link URL's within your email that may be listed in URIBL.

    Your SPF records aren't setup or not correct or no DKIM key.

    I can go on and on...

    No, it's not as simple as changing a few words in your email around to get around it.
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    Here are a few tips that can help you avoid your emails getting sent to spam.

    1.) Send emails from a domain and not free account
    2.) Make sure emails don't contain spammy content or titles.
    3.) Only mail to subscribers who opted in to avoid getting marked as spam.

    If you follow those steps you deliverability will increase, always send out good quality emails.

    Good luck.
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    The main things you need to check before sending any emails..

    1) you have a dkim and SFP records setup for the server.
    these are used to validate that the email has actually been sent from the server itself and is not somebody spoofing the domain in the email (THIS IS A MAJOR FACTOR GUYS)

    2) check that the server you are using isnt blacklisted (lots of tool for this online)
    if the server ip is blacklisted for spam change providers

    3) keywords are triggering the spam filters
    - money / cash / bank / free etc plus the usual porn etc..

    4) your content in the email is very thin.. or repeating the same phrases etc

    if you goto a new provider and all the above is spot on.. don't do a blast of 20k emails unless with a provider like getresponse that is on whitelists.
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    Certain words you use in your emails and in headlines ( eg. make money , free ) trigger off spam alert subscriber's email account sending your emails to the spam folder. Try use non spammy words when creating your emails.
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    Wow, thank you all, really good information about this topic. I really didn't know that forums can ban you if sign up with certain email addresses that are already blacklist. Thanks again and good luck.
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    One of the things or changes I've made recently is to change
    my "From" email from Gmail to "support@MyDomainName.com"

    This has had a positive impact on my spam rates and has lowered
    them and continued to do so over the past few months.

    So go into your Hosting account and you can create one there
    using the C-Panel tool.

    From there you go into the email section and create a custom email
    address like a support business email or anything similar.

    Then you add that to your email A.R. account so that anytime you send
    out an email that new one will show up.

    Let me know how you get on.

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    This can depend on other factors. what is the source of your leads? Are you using single or double optin?

    If you are using single optins, it could be that you've got a lot of fake email addresses. The list was never confirmed, so invalid email addresses are in the list. This might indicate you need to properly clean your list and get rid of all bad email addresses that don't exist at all.
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    Can you send a simple generic email to your test accounts (no links) with out it not going into junk folder?

    If you can, then I would look at the domain/hosting IP of the links.

    If not, then I would check...

    The domain name you are using isn't blacklisted and the IP that the domain is hosted on. I would check the aweber IP that your mail is going out through as well.

    Also make sure you have spf/dkim set up.
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    Not sure on the history of your site either.

    maybe it's "burnt" already and then it's really hard to clean it
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