Mailchimp emails keep going into "Promotions" Tab

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i am using Mailchimp to send out my emails, however i have found out that my emails keep going into the recipients Promotions folder when using Gmail, is there a way i can make the emails go into the "Primary" folder?

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    I think it belong to your email content and sender. Not from mailchimp side.
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      Originally Posted by davidpham View Post

      I think it belong to your email content and sender. Not from mailchimp side.
      can you explain a little better?

      i tried sending a custom template email to myself and it goes to the promotions page, not sure why this may be happening
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    my auto responder also seems to go to the "promotions" area on gmail
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    Google created the promotions tab and the social tab to help separate and organise email for its users. This has been bounded around for a while as it can affect open rates.

    My understanding is that emails will end up in the promotions tab based on the content of the email as davidpham has said.

    You can try and follow some rules to help make your emails less promotional - but don't forget not everyone reads their Gmail from the web based email client. So in the case they are bringing their email to their computer through a native client they will all appear in one list. Unless the user has setup their own rules of course!

    You could try the following to help keep emails out of the promotions folder

    - Keep to one link in your email - you may have to test this as more than one link in a long email is going to help CTR so you may have to weigh this up carefully

    - Don't include pictures

    - Use the subscribers name if you can using merge tags

    - Try not to use too much promotional copy and write like you are talking to the subscriber or like he is your friend.

    - Use letter form - i.e

    Dear Fred,

    Email message



    Having said all this many of these items (such as using pictures) can help open rates and click through rates.. so you really have to test and see what works for you. It might not necessarily be a bad thing you are landing in the promo folder.

    Also - don't chase down trying to cheat Google's algorithms.. you will go mad trying to keep up and could be just focusing on delivering good quality content


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      Have you enable tracking with the 1per1 pixel ? If so , that is an automatic Promotion flag right there.

      In our mutliples tests, tracking has been proven to be just plain bad.
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