3 Ways To Get Your Visitor To Take Action On Your Website

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Hey Guys!

Today, more and more people use the internet in searching product or services they need. If you have any form of business either you are selling products or offering any kind of services, without a website your potential customers will go to your competitors when they found your competitor's website on the internet.

Are you going to allow this or not?

Not all website is successful in making money. People come to your website and if they do not find what they want they will easily run away from your site without taking action of what you want them to do. Are you one of them?

There are several ways that you can consider to turn your website visitors to take action and get what you want from them.

Here's our 3 powerful ways in getting your visitors to take action on your website:

Step One: Put yourself in the shoes of your audience

It is important to understand your target audience well. Find ways to identify who these people are so that you can create a perfect website that speak to them directly. Know who they are? What is their interest? What do they know? What are they looking for?

The more you spend time knowing your audience, the more you will be able to cater their needs throughout your website.

Step Two: Create one page goal on your website

Remember this, if you want people to take action on your site, you need to define what you want them to do when they visit your page. Do you want them to sign up on your opt-in form? Do you want to redirect them to your product sales page? or do you simply want them to click an ad from your website to earn?

Step Three: Have a clear call to action on your website

Once you already understand your audience well and create a page with a clear goal, now you need to turn these visitors into your website loyal visitors and customers. Make it easy for them to take action by creating an image and a call to action button with a good copy writing.


To your One Step Up!
Jeng Cua
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    Can't agree more. People will be distracted more, when you put many links on your site.
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    Great post. Very useful.

    The effectiveness of email marketing depends on following factors.

    1. No of subscribers
    2. Quality of the emails that you sending

    If you have big email list, definitely you can increase the amount of conversion.

    The most important factor is the quality of the emails that you send. Most email marketers fails because the of this matter.
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      Originally Posted by Jasonmills View Post

      The most important factor is the quality of the emails that you send. Most email marketers fails because the of this matter.
      There is nothing wrong with doing hard selling but it amazes me some of the email I get in my own inbox.

      Many of these Marketers have giving me no real, valuable content but just want to pitch me over and over again with the same $7 products.

      So you are right. People in email marketing just do not take advantage of the one on one relationship they have with Subs and they fail because of it.

      You have to first set a foundation in your initial emails ( and keep it ongoing) with very good helpful material. And then you can start offering product that they can buy and find of use for

      - Robert Andrew
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    • Great advice. In order to succeed, businesses should put their customers first. They should be the priority and their needs must be met. Give them something they need or will contribute to their lives, and they will keep coming.

      web design & development, SEO, client support, online marketing
      Everest Online Marketing

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    I am trying to keep my website very simple and offering as many products under my new site as possible. My problem is I find I don't have enough products for people to really shop. But, I have people who are currently going on to the site and putting item in the cart and reaching the checkout, but not actually purchasing the products they have in the cart. Any ideas on how to convert these?
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