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My company conducts research on behalf of other companies using their opted-in email lists. We comply with the CAN-SPAM laws, but recently got shut down by one of the regular email service providers (think Mailchimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor) because they wanted us to specify in one send that the email was from our client rather than us, but it was supposed to be a blind survey so we couldn't do that until the end.

You've probably gotten these in the past, a survey request and at the end you figure out it's a company who markets to you who is sponsoring it, and then they enter you in a drawing for an iPad or something.

So we need a new solution and fast. Are SendGrid and Mandrill and Mailjet and the like the best way to go here? We sometimes have lists of 50k or so, but will email that one list like 3x and be done with the survey, so it's not a constant sending situation. I think that makes it worse in terms of our sending reputation but am not positive.

Would appreciate any guidance!
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    To be honest, I don't understand a single thing you said.

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      Ha. Not trying to be obtuse. Let's see:

      Our company does research surveys on behalf of other companies using their email lists. But 3rd party lists are prohibited by the usual email service providers and for good reason, because there's a high incidence of complaints when the survey request comes from a third party.

      I'm trying to figure out what email service provider would be good for us to use for this purpose. It's almost like cold emailing in the sense that the recipient is getting an email from someone they've never heard of, but it's not in the sense that we're conducting research on behalf of our clients using their opted-in lists.

      Hopefully that makes more sense.
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