The best way to build a list for free

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What is the best way to built a list with little or not cost , also the best way to monetize it .
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    YouTube is a great place where you can receive massive traffic every day. But you need to do it correctly and here are some of the steps to follow:

    1. Create 2-3 minute videos that solve problems for your audience.
    2. Upload your video to a dedicated YouTube account
    3. Make sure the title, description and tags include your keywords
    4. Provide a link at the top of your description and remember to use http:// otherwise your link will not work.
    5. Make sure your link goes to your squeeze page which captures email addresses.
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    Create free content, just like the youtube example above. You could also make free WSOs too and drive affiliate products to your follow ups.
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    Provide a genuinely good freebie offer to subscribers and be interesting enough in your e-mails to keep people there.

    Try to do something that stands out from the crowd of whatever niche you're in. Craft your own voice and persona.
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    You could try going to some of the paid traffic generation sites, they allow you to email out to a few hundred for free before paying and then build your list through ad swapping. Good luck there
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    Originally Posted by akbarbarca View Post

    What is the best way to built a list with little or not cost , also the best way to monetize it .
    Provide phenomenal value that blows people away, influential marketers will find you, seek you out, have you as a guest on blogs, do speaking engagements, etc., and your business will grow at no cost.

    Basically, if you don't have money, contribute value to others' lives, and your business will grow.
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    Until you're using paid traffic you really don't have a business...but the good news is that you can break even on buying subscribers through monetizing your list right away.

    The ABSOLUTE best way I've ever found to do that is through a "Free + Shipping" physical product offer to your list (doesn't cost that much to get a little booklet or CD made). Then you implement a funnel on the backend with upsells and OTOs. Works amazingly well.

    Some people use a tripwire for a low priced digital product then go into the funnel...but honestly, the "Free + Shipping" physical product offer is gold right now.
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      Originally Posted by jaredmast1 View Post

      Until you're using paid traffic you really don't have a business...
      You definitely do have a business if the traffic is free and you're making decent money from it. All the money you make is profit in that case, which isn't bad at all. Paid traffic is excellent, but it doesn't define a business.

      Youtube is exceptional in terms of effort and result; a few well made videos can do the trick in terms of subscribers, sales or whatever you're intended result is. Just need to presell well in your video, that's all.

      Of course, very few are willing to actually to put in the work that reaps those rewards. But to those who think it's too much work...perhaps a business isn't your best avenue of pursuit after all?
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