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iam new in the forum hi,
I found interesting in forming a list, but I have no idea how to start or what really is all about (the list) few words can explain,will be great,
I will be happy thank you
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      You need an e-mail list because it will give you an audience to directly market your affiliate offers and products to. Marketing via e-mail has been shown to be much more effective than other forms of online marketing.

      The standard method of getting a list goes like this:

      1. Create a webpage (called a squeeze page or landing page) where you will offer something to people for free in return for signing up.

      2. Set up an automated e-mail service so that people who sign up for the list will automatically receive your free offer. Aweber and Getaresponse seem to be the popular choices, and I've personally found Aweber super-easy to use as a non-techy person.

      3. Make sure your offer (usually a downloadable product) is something genuinely useful and original.

      4. Drive traffic to your list. There are lots of ways to do this, but for a complete newbie solo ads are the simplest. I've gotten good results from buying solo ads here on Warriorforum. PM me if you'd like to know the service I used.

      5. Start marketing to your list. But try to do it in a way that presents yourself as helpful. No one likes pushy marketers.

      This is a hugely simplified explanation, naturally, but I hope this explains the basics. I'm new to all of this myself.
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        Hi paperplane,

        A list is basically a database of people who has expressed interest in your offer. What you can do with the list is to send the email with an 'autoresponder', which is basically a mass emailing service.

        Benefits of list-building: LONG term profits and relationship.

        I won't go too much into everything, or otherwise it will end up becoming a novel

        Anyway, the best type of list you can build is called a buyers list. It is basically a list comprised of people who have BOUGHT your products, therefore it means they trust you and are willing to spend money with again.

        Well unless you broke the trust, of course.

        For those big guns in the IM world, a buyers lead is said to generate them $10 - $20 per month. You do the math. If you have a list of 200 buyers, how much would earn per month?

        $4K in extra.

        Well, that's an estimation, (and others can argue about this), but it is generally known that a buyer list is just DAMN valuable.

        The EASIEST way to build a buyers list is by creating your own info product. You can start small. For example: A basic course about setting up a HTML website for people with low budget. And you can sell this product for $1.

        There are plenty of people who will be willing to spend $1. Not bad seriously, considering you now have a buyers list!

        What you do with your buyers list is basically promote affiliate products to them via email. What's important is that you should:
        1. Provide educational/valuable content before selling anything in your emails.
        2. Only, ONLY promote high quality products. You disregard this, you lose the trust.
        3. Be yourself in your emails.

        Anyway, I hope now you get what a list is, and hope you get a direction in your business after reading this!

        All the best!

        ~ Budi T

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