Product Launch Email Follow Up or Broadcasts?

by Vlasov
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For months I have been working on "Craigslist for small businesses" course.
Currently the ebook is ready and is being sold.
However now I'm finishing the video course + printing materials + tons of other goodies.
Planning to make a HUGE launch "Jeff Walker" style.

However, there is one unclear thing for me.

It is 100% true that many marketers (Mr. Walker included) launch their classes several times a year.
That creates scarcity and urgency, because there is a fixed day of the launch and the closing.

But how to set up an email followup/sequence for such repetitive launches?
(for product launch automation)

Here is an example (with Aweber):
The big launch is set on march 23rd.

We create a "pre launch" email list with a sequence of 6 follow ups, "pre launch" materials that are send "every other day" (by using Aweber's follow up function).
Those "follow ups" don't have any specific dates of the launch since they would be send on different dates depending on when someone subscribes.
Then we schedule a broadcast where we announce "the big launch" on march 22nd. In it we can say "launching the next monday, closing the next friday". Since the broadcast is send once, we are ok setting specific dates.

Bob subscribes to a "pre launch" list on March 1st.
Within the next 6 days he receives the "pre launch", follow up sequence.
Then he waits until March 22nd (which is a lot of time, by the way) and receives the broadcast with big announcement.

All is good so far (besides Bob waiting for 16 days without hearing from us anything).

Then Ann is singing up to our pre-launch email list on March 20th.
She starts receiving our pre-launch content but not finishes it because we are intterupting it with our "BIG announcement" broadcast.
Eventually she doesn't buy because we don't seem as an authority in her eyes,
Same happens with everyone who would sing up on or before March 18th.

The only solution that I found so far is to create a new email lists on March 18th and reconnect it to all existing opt in forms.
Then add our 6 follow ups to the new list.
Now we can sign up Ann to that new list so she will get the "big announcement" email already on April 22nd.

As you can see - this is very time consuming - to reconnect all the opt in forms to a new email list every month.

Can you see a better solution for a product launch email follow up sequence?
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    Ok, I found a solution.

    By the way, this easily can be a WSO since many internet marketers struggle selling there courses.

    A proper launch, with honed email sequence and a closing can sell WAY more in just 3 days than usual "visit my landing page" link.

    What you should do is to use Aweber's segments.

    To create them - go to "Manage Subscribers" and then create a new rule in the search field, ( for example added after xx/xx/xx).
    A new bar will pop out "Create a new segment", name and save it.

    Then when you will be setting up your broadcast, specify "send to xxxx segment."

    Enjoy your consecutive launches.
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