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Im going to be running a facebook ads promo in a few days, but im just wondering how i can build a list with the people who like my page? because im assuming you cant put a "popup" opt in box on your facebook profile right? i have a iframes app installed with a opt in page, but i dont know whether i'll get clicks on it or not. how else can i build my list with my facebook page? is it just a case of writing posts with my blog articles attached in which people will click onto my blog site and hopefully opt-in? im giving out a free report by the way.

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    I think you should build your list direcly from your Ads.
    Just promote your squeeze page directly, then you can email them to like your page.
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    how can i promote my squeeze page directly? assuming facebook ads promotes your fb page only, where people will either go onto your page and like and then i'd have to write a post saying get a free report from *Link*

    i dont think facebook allows external links, rather you can only promote your own page

    please correct me if i am wrong and please tell me the method on promoting my squeeze page to FB Ads

    many thanks
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      There are about 12 different objectives for Facebook ads. One is "clicks to website", another is "promote your offer". Go into Ad Manager or Help and check it out.

      You don't want to "boost" a post, you want to create an ad.


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