can i send 10.000 messages per day using just phplist and my server(vps) ?!

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Hello guys , i have installed (**phplist**) on my vps , but the problem is, i can't send emails to ( , it works just with ( ) i dont know what is the problem ??!,
- second question what is the role of SMTP and is IT** nessecary** for phplist to work ?

and how many message i can send per day using just phplist and my server?

so if anyone can help me i will be very appericiate . thankyoy
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    The smtp is what actually sends the emails. Phplist just stores your data and passes it to the smtp to send. I have never used phplist before. Are you getting some error telling you it didn't send or is mail just not showing up?
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    I think you will do better installing an email sending software on your server so that you can better manage your data.

    I highly recommend that you know where you got the emails. If it was a torrent or something you find online, you are wasting your time. If it is a legit list, then good.

    As diablo said, you need SMTP as it is what sends the email. You can use your ISP (not advised), server SMTP (OK), or a 3rd part SMTP (Mandrill, MailJet, etc).
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