Who can share your Gmail delivery secrets?

by dzmrf
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As we know Gmail is very specific ESP and don`t collborate with RP and other common delivery rules. Even if i use best practices its don`t garantee good delivertability.
Last time we see some problems with it.
maybe someone has the working tips for improve gmail campaigns?

Sorry for my english, hope you understud me!
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    In my humble opinion, there's no point in learning the secret. the secret is don't spam and you'll get a high delivery rate.

    Just follow the standards and keep your domain and email clean. The simpler the better

    BTW what are you using to send email?
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    i`m working for a big company and we`re using own servers and CRM system. Also using smtp, mandrill and others. For example with Hotmail we don`t have problem as againts Gmail.

    we`re delivering masseges for the peoples which opted on our websites
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    Yup, Gmail is a bit strict compared to other email providers, have you tried segmenting the list and try changing the FROM email?

    maybe your email /ip has been blacklisted but not sure though.
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    I noticed with one of my emails to Gmail the other day that it said "Emails from domain.com are sometimes considered spam" or something like that. Using a new domain may help. Also, getting complainers off your list will help.

    Adding a Report As Junk and Unsubscribe link to the top is a good idea. Both are actually unsubscribe links but the person does not usually know it.

    Mandrill may be part of your problem. I too use it and I haven't been totally impressed with the inbox rate.
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    Another tip is try adding a "text"version of your email. This is for more readability for people who's disabled the html version.

    Sometimes when people see a lot of line of text that they cannot understnd, they simply flag that as SPAM which is not good for google.

    More spam complaints = higher chance that your FROM email / domain / Ip address will be blacklisted.
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