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how have idea to send 10 000 email to inbox not to spam because when i send 1000 email to my costumers the emails sended to spam
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    Is this for real?
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    If you were using Aweber, you would not see this problem.
    How did you build this list?
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    OK. Let me interpret in short.

    So, what may be the cause:
    1) You may have an email lists that contains too much bad or broken data
    2) Your email list may have unverified
    3) You may not cleaned your database properly before sending & sending emails in the bounced or already spammed emails
    4) You are trying to send data with a SMTP server that does not allow you to send 1000 data even
    5) Your template may have not decorated properly

    These are few small problems can drive your email to the spam box or junk folder.

    So, my suggestion to you is to use SMTP server with protection by multiple IPs that will not make your email marketing spam and you will get more opening rate.
    I have been telling you from my experience. When at 2008 I started my email marketing company and our work is to give the buyers email marketing service. At first I started sending 100-500 emails per day so that the email will not be spammed. But even so emails were going to the junk folder. Then I find out the reason & it was due to my IP problem. As we gave many clients our SMTP server access so that our IPs got blacklisted within 6 days.

    After then we have solved the problem, We took a dedicated server with unlimited IPs to send email professionally. And after that I have got 100% inbox rate. Even now I am regularly sending 100K-200K emails to our subscribers also too much clients using our server and get 100% email inbox rate. And I have not got any claims about inbox rate.

    Here, I see you need to send small amount of emails per day like 10,000 per day. So, here you may save your money from using dedicated server costs. You can take a server set up from the email sending professionals that allows you to send such desired email with 100% inbox rate. You will ask them to create an web interface of the server so that you just need to login and then run the campaign. And you need not any domain or hosting.

    If you need any more server set up access related issue please comment here or PM or Skype me.
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    How are you able to tell when these messages are sent as spam and get in the recipients spam folder?
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      Originally Posted by Riccur View Post

      How are you able to tell when these messages are sent as spam and get in the recipients spam folder?
      You have two ways to check. You can include you few emails to the bottom of the list, usually during sending bulk emails the initial emails are being inboxed but the last email can not. Other way is to check your SMTP server. Even if your list is verified and cleaned properly and you are getting too much bounces, no opening, click through then you can be sure that email are going to the SPAM folder.
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        hello brother
        you tell me i need to use SMTP server with protection by multiple IPs .Were i will got it
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