Creating a template for sending Email: discover all the tools to fully realize your email campaigns

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Today I will teach you everything you need to know to set up your email campaign, the creation of the template to sending your emails and statistical analysis of openings.
To Create

Creating beautiful templates Emails is not a thin to do! Even if you know integrate, it is not created a template form is created as a website. Here, the tables are still de rigueur, and CSS is mostly inline unfortunately. If you do not know more integrated, making a template in hand report to the often impossible challenge.

Under these conditions, how to create a beautiful template for your mailings? With adapted tools!


Want to work your e-mails directly in HTML? Look no further, Ink is a HTML / CSS framework created by ZURB (Dads Foundation) is to assist you in creating your responsive emails.


The code is not your thing too; you prefer a good graphical interface for creating your emails? No worries! Available for Windows that Mac Macaw is software that lets you create and customize templates mails as if you were in Photoshop! Easy to access, this software is by no cons at the door of every budget.

Stamplia Builder

Although less complete, Stamplia Builder has a huge advantage over his macaw: it's free! Available online, it asks only a simple registration for use, and is very ergonomic and enjoyable.

Litmus Builder

Litmus Builder Web Builder is another, but unlike Stamplia, HTML code is not hidden from you. To integrate prefer if you know and you do not want to lose sight of the HTML that will be generated for your template.

To Buy

If you do not have time to learn to use the tools above, or you need a template in an emergency, there are several places to find steps on which your happiness months 20 euros.


In addition to a builder Stamplia is primarily a platform offering to buy or sell mails templates ready for use, you can customize at will.

Send Off

You now have your template, just have to send it! Again, the task is harder that it seems at first. Send an email to your fan based group is obviously not a good idea (the recipients would be present in the header) and sending bulk mails quickly tend to be marked as spam.

The solution is to go through the platforms planned. Note in passing that all the following platforms offer a builder to create your emails, and can obviously import templates that you have created or purchased previously.


MailChimp is probably the best known among those platforms that I will present here. The free plan allows you to send 12,000 emails per month, but rises very quickly has more than $ 100 a month passes that value.

To Handle

You are ready to send your campaign, but would be able to test all the different email clients on the market? Or have more statistics on their reading / opening than what offers Enamel your provider? Litmus is for you.


Litmus can be considered the Google Analytics emails. In addition to this, you will track the reputation of your area to be sure you do not spend as spam, and you offers small tools to ensure the consistency of viewing your messages regardless of the platform that receives (email, outlook, thunderbird, any other web mail, ...)
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