GetResponse Blacklisted?

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A private hosting provider told me GetResponse is blacklisted on their email servers. I read in another thread that GetResponse is blacklisted in all of Hotmail?

is GetResponse blacklisted all over the place? they talk about having 99% deliver-ability rates - so i thought they had good delivery rates, right?

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    How long ago was this? I have GR and I havent heard anything. I sent out an email last week and still seem to get a 30% open rate.

    Good to know if it's true but I this is the first time I've heard it so I'm in the boat with ya bud.
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    Hi there everyone,

    I'm very sorry for any confusion there may be out there -- but GetResponse has not been blocked by Hotmail/Outlook. If such a we were to ever, in a worst case scenario, be blocked entirely by such a large provider, this would be 100% communicated to our customers.

    Of course Hotmail/Outlook has some of the most stringent mailing filters out there, our Deliverability team stays in nonstop touch with the provider to ensure our mailings are in good standing.

    If you'd like any more specifics, our Deliverability Team could certainly let you know if you reach out to:

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    Getresponse cant inbox hotmail even the rep in chat told me that they always have problem with hotmail.

    I use to sign up to alot of list from GR to receive email to my hotmail and most if not all of them went to spam folder. If you want to know then get a hotmail acct and sign up to newsletter using getresponse and you'll see what i mean. I think the only email that went to inbox was an email from getresponse itself while customers of getresponse end up in spam folder.
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    All I know is that Getresponse is still one of the best out there and a lot of successful internet marketers still use them with great results.

    Most people these days don't use Hotmail anymore so it doesn't matter.
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    Stay away from GetResponse if you want to reach customer inbox.
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    I've recently moved away from GR myself.

    I've always advocated for them as one of the great companies, but they do seems to have some random issues that come up all the time out of nowhere.

    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value - Albert Einstein

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    Good move fulfilledlife! GR is a mediocre company. Im moving to aWeber and ActiveCampaign.
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    Interesting views expressed here. I have not had any real issues with GR and deliverability to date. But I shall now keep a sharper 'eye' on my stats. :-)
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    I have been using GR throughout my Internet Marketing career and didn't have any problem with deliverability or any other issues.
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    I also never had problems with GetResponce's deliverability.

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    Originally Posted by JudoCruiseMissile View Post

    they talk about having 99% deliver-ability rates - so i thought they had good delivery rates, right?

    No way check your account they inbox between 70-80% I would get your own SMTP and integrate it then you will get closer to 97% (which is about as good as it get's with a quality list)
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