I'd like to commence email marketing - advice?

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I was thinking about joining aweber for my new email list.

I am new to email marketing but recently learned I could recycle my traffic through an email list.

Anyone willing to write up a step by step procedure to email market effectively below?

Thank-you. Vallery.
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  • Aweber is a great choice.

    There is a lot you need to know to succeed with internet marketing.

    I recommend you find a course or book on it

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      Yes, you can recycle traffic with email list. If someone visits your website and subscribes then you can email them later everytime you do a blog post on your website. You can keep them coming back to your website. Building a list is a very good technique. Without a list a visitor to your website may not come back to your site. The other advantage is that you can promote products to your list and earn commissions.
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    If you are beginner you need a platform which is easy, user friendly and they are ready to lend you help whenever you need.

    You can give Airemailer a try. They have 24/7 chat/phone/email support they are very friendly and their built in help section and videos help users step by step.
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    Email marketing is the best option to reach people directly. the only thing is that one have strong database of their clients.
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    The money is in the list - No doubt about it
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    If you are not familiar with email marketing, which it seems like it from your post, you need a mentor that will help you out.

    There is a guy I have been following for years now and he is one of the best coaches online and has also been known as an "internet marketing grandfather". He has been one of my mentors online and he has been online now for almost 20 years. (I think he got started back in 1996)

    His name is Terry Dean and you can find him at:


    This is a link to his website and is NOT an affiliate link.

    Hope this helps.
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    Aweber has a pretty good collection of helps on their website you can check out. Also there is a lot of good stuff here about succeeding with email that you can access through a search or through going directly to the email subforum: Email Marketing

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