B2B email template that is getting me a 14% response rate

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14% open rates are good - but how about a 14% RESPONSE RATE?

I'm using this email template: Appointment Setting Template - Email Marketing Robot

I've just tweaked it slightly about the offer I'm currently promoting (a new healthy energy drink), and I'm getting 14% of businesses responding back. I'm targeting healthy food stores in the United States.

Just thought I would share. There are more good B2B email templates in the Resources section of the site.
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  • Is that 14% open rate? Or is it 14% click rate?

    Seems like a decent template

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    It's actual the reply rate, meaning when I send out 100 emails, I'm getting 14 replies back on average!

    The replies generally come into the following categories:

    1) Interested - please send details/website
    2) Contact this person
    3) Not interested

    The problem with the not interested ones is that a lot of whole food shops that I'm targeting don't carry energy drinks - probably because most energy drinks on the market aren't natural. However, some are interested and it is generating good quality leads.

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