List Building - Still epic?

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Is list building still an excellent thing to get started with? Things have changed in the last few years right? Are Facebook ads a great way to get subscribers to your list?

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    Originally Posted by slowandsteady View Post

    Is list building still an excellent thing to get started with? Things have changed in the last few years right? Are Facebook ads a great way to get subscribers to your list?

    You can still make a ton of money doing email marketing.
    Much has changed over the last few years and delivery is harder then ever.
    But I still continue to press on and adapt.
    Facebook I am sure could work or PPV or paid traffic.
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    I think list building is still the best way to build real internet business.
    Facebook ads is good but you have to know how to target.
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    Originally Posted by slowandsteady View Post

    Is list building still an excellent thing to get started with? Things have changed in the last few years right? Are Facebook ads a great way to get subscribers to your list?

    Yes, absolutely.. Not building a list is one of my mistakes when first starting out..

    With FB ads you need to test and tweaks your ads a lot.. If you are not willing to do them, I would say stay away from it - beside you'll need some investment with that traffic source..
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    Yes, of course. And it makes complete sense: email marketing is a way of retaining part of your traffic.

    To put it in other words, when 1000 people come to your website, stay a little, and then leave, you have no way of getting them to come back. Sure, some will return, but only when they want to.

    Enter email marketing: you offer them a reason to subscribe (most often a free e-book and/or exclusive content, also called "bribe"), and bang: you have a way of nudging them to get back to your website by sending them emails with links to your website or sales pages.

    So until something replaces email, email will remain king.
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    2015 - Email Marketing still #1 way to reach clients.

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    In Internet marketing, building an email list is very effective and important thing. All Internet marketing gurus say it. Email marketing provides the most direct line of communication for turning leads into sales, which is why the savviest entrepreneurs have no intention of giving it up any time soon.
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    I was just thinking about something similar a couple days ago...

    If we go back and look on people comments 5 years ago, we will see the same complaints as today. Back than people also said things have changed, email marketing is not effective as it used to be, sales are hard to make etc...

    Truth to be said that while technology around us did change, people still stayed to be people; they still got problems to solve, they still act on emotions, they still love spending money on things that make them feel great and they still lazy and look for immediate and easy solutions.

    What really changed is a technology around us. The advertisement changed, the mediums changed (like we got video now, YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc...) and so we need to adjust to continue effective advertising and marketing.

    But once you got access to your audience, it is same old salesmanship principles all over again.

    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value - Albert Einstein

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    List building is still important as of today. It may involve hard work to reach out to your target audience but still effective as before.
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      Email marketing / list building is all about building relationships.It is about thise people getting to know, like and trust you.
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        Build an email list? Yes, absolutely. FB ads? Be very careful to follow their guidelines for advertising. FB are currently disabling many ads accounts of IM ers for guidelines breaches. I'm not saying don't try FB ads, I'm just saying be careful.
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    Wouldn't recommend Facebook ads personally. But I'll admit I didn't "stick with it" long enough I guess you could say. Solo ads are always a start, but it's best to have an OTO immediately after opt-in. $1 offers are obviously a low barrier of entry and you can start building a buyers list. Yes, you'll lose some money, but that's the nature of solo ads especially if you're just starting out. Once you have a solid funnel in place you can start to make some money back on solos. Look into rotators, pay-per-lead programs on FB, etc. to place on your download page.
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    How many calls do you received from telemarketing every week?

    Email marketing is the same as telemarketing, only different format and much cheaper.

    It is not about what work and what not.

    It is about are you committed to do what you HAVE to do each and every day?

    Email Marketing :
    1. Getting new subscriber every day.
    2. Write them email every day.
    3. Find out Subject lines that have high open rate among your subscriber.
    4. Learn to write an opening that connect between your subject line and your message.
    5. Learn what kind of writing style make your subscriber do what you ask them to do.
    6. Listening to your subscriber, what they want to know (you can do that using survey).

    Do not look for the easiest or what work or not.

    Someone ask, is Media Buying still work?
    It certainly is, but like I said, are you willing to do all the hard work?
    Finding the winning formula?
    Improving the winning formula?
    It takes countless hours and efforts to find out the winning formula.
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    Not sure about epic but definitely still profitable (brings in five figures monthly for me).
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    • Like ContentPro22, I'm not sure list building can be described as "epic," but I'm certain it's still as helpful and relevant today. Email marketing allows businesses to establish and strengthen relationships with customers. It's a method that will continue to work regardless of the technological innovations.

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      Email Marketing and List Building will still be relevant for the next couple of decades, no doubt !!

      - Robert Andrew
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    List building is still important, it's not as easy as it was a few years ago, but it's definitely worth the effort!
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