Critics for my first squeeze page

by Linens
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Really Really good forum for beginners to learn and work. I explored many threads here, keep learning and trying them.

Hey Friends, as a part of email list creation, i explored threads here for squeeze page for last 2 days. and today i just tried creating one. But as its my first time, i am not sure how much i did correctly.

I made it with funnelkit and mailchimp.

Please check it at following URL

Also already have few of my previously written blogs. Can i keep writing more blogs here? or left this domain for this squeeze page? i know my questions might be dumb but try learning things.

I added my intro with a photo. is it weird adding personal photo on business page?

i added my products feedbacks screenshots on home decor topic. Is it looking out of context?

I also added my buyers images which they shared using my products in their rooms.

What else can be added and wt shud be removed from here.

Bottom right corner i added link to my product site.

Wanna your guys critics on my squeeze page. yes i am going to add links to images and few things are pending but atleast you guys see and tell me if i should change it or remove anything.

Do you feel my squeeze page is able to attract subscribers?
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