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Hello Folks,

I have a site that is about 6 months old and I have only 6 back-links seen on Alexa, which I believe I should have more since I have been going to blogs/forums to post as guest. I have been wondering the best way to build links that will be white hat and useful for ranking. I have read somewhere that you can use tools and other means to build links. Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated.

Thank you
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    there's A LOT of information about the best ways to build backlinks in 2015, look at blogs like


    But to give you a quick short answer > Email website owners who could be interested in linking to your content > again, research "email template for backlinks outreach" or something like that to see how other people "begs" for links (horrible having to beg for links but thats part of how growth hacking and online marketing is all about today)
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    Attract them !
    That's all.
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    Link building tools and white hat SEO are mutually exclusive.

    If you want "white hat" links, then you need to develop relationships and/or engaging content that people want to link to.
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    I find blogging is the best to get both traffic and improve rank in the search results.
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    One of the quickest. Easiest, most effective ways to get backlinks is through interviews.

    As the old saying goes, you have to give in order to receive.

    Many websites are run by people who are looking for any kind of attention from the rest of the Internet.

    These people are ripe for interview opportunities.

    Simply contact them and tell them that you want to interview them.

    Once the interview is published on your website, send them a link.

    Chances are, they would link back to you from their blog or other websites they own.

    In the worst case scenario, they would share the interview link on your site on their social media accounts.

    If you do this enough time, there would be other bloggers that you didn't contact that would link to those interviews on their own.


    Chances are some of the people you interviewed have their own followers.

    Don't be surprised how this all pans out.

    The best part of this approach is none of the content is yours.

    They create the content.

    You just format it and post it on your site.
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