Problem to unblock IPs listed at Microsoft mail services

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My mail server's IP is blocked by Microsoft mail services. I can't send mails for two weeks. Although my IP is not listed in any other blacklists, Microsoft has blacklisted it.

I've applied and submitted the suggested form but nothing changed.( )
I've called Microsoft support desk by phone in my country. They couldn't fix the issue also.
I've written this issue in tech support sites and forums, no any replies.
I've made a chat with USA Microsoft support desk, no any further technical support.
I've sent an e-mail to, I'm still waiting....
I've signed up to Postmaster but no any usefull data showing that I made spam or buld messaging.

Two more things left. First to take a fly ticket to USA and explain my technical problem face-to-face. Other is to call Bill Gates asking for additional support if possible. Does anyone knows his phone number?

Is there any other suggestions about my issue?

I've read many support tickets about this kind of technical problems but people couldn't solve this for months. I'm getting anxious day by day.

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