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First off, wanted to say I'm new here but loving the warrior forum so far - seems like a great community with an abundance of bright people and not a lot of bulls**t/trolling/etc.

This might not be the best section of the forum to post this in, so please forgive me in advance, but here's my question:

For online products, how do you guys set your price points? I'm launching a sports pick site soon and trying to figure out the best way to set my price points. Been wrestling with what numbers I should use for the trial period and the monthly membership charge as well. I guess the obvious answer would be to look at my competition and go from there....but anything else you guys can add? Any general ideas on how you decide on pricing your products regardless of the niche you're in?
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    Haha damn....was it really that stupid of a question? Too general of a question?

    Kind of just wanted to start a discussion of the psychology of pricing digital products. For example, if you were to price your monthly membership at $X dollars, is there a rule of thumb for what your trial period should cost?

    Thanks guys.
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    Price points are really mostly determined by niche, your cost, and the maximum amount people will pay for it while still seeing value and allowing you to have volume sales of your product or service.

    There are so many variables that can change your price point. I suggest you find similar products and see if yours is better or worse, and determine your price point based off that knowledge.
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    I agree with ProducerK

    Just go out there, and find similar products on clickbank, jvzoo, or any other affiliate network that are converting, and then base your price off of that.

    You can even give people a discount at first during the launch period to get some testimonials to add for credibility.

    I've noticed a lot of good price points though usually end with a 7. For example $7, $17, $27 etc. At least in the IM niche. You can also test them out. You'd be surprised how many things you could rise the price for, and still not affect your conversions.
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