How do you structure your first 5-7 autoresponder emails?

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I'm not sure if this is niche specific or if there is a fundamental structure that does really well, but what does your first 5-7 autoresponder emails look like and how do you space them out?
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  • Different strokes, different strokes, Tim.

    I email every day, so each email is like a separate event.

    As long as your emails are NOT written for fence sitters, are interesting, engaging, entertaining and well written, you'll do okay. And of course, it goes without saying that they should be written with personality.

    That's my approach anyway.

    - Declan
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    Everyone has their own writing style, how often they mail out, how/what they email out. A lot of it will just simply be trial and error to see what works best for YOU.

    Just a few points that I feel to be crucial -

    1. Provide a ton of value. You want to build a loyal list of followers that "know, like and trust you". You add value to anyone...$$$ will come later. You'll have a list for life this way.

    2. Don't talk AT them - talk TO them. They are everyday people just like you and I. have a solid conversation. Let them know that you're just a normal person just like they are.

    3. Start building brand from Email 1 and on....Every time your email comes across their computer - you want them to be your first click. You do this by making them know EXACTLY who you are....whether it's a banner you put, a photo of your face, the name of your company get my drift? Branding is a powerful thing - if you're successful at this - your list will love you for MANY years to come.

    Personally - when I get new subscribers. I like to overload them with a lot of solid good content for the first 2-3 emails. Almost as if they just bought a product from me - but it's FREE. THEN I hit them with an offer (my own or as an affiliate) for the next 2-3.

    Like I said though - trial and error will work the best!!

    Good Luck!
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      Here is one style that I employ in a few of my Niches. Hope it can help. Like others have said different styles for different people

      1. Personality email - Introduction.
      Talk about your own story and maybe how you always have had a
      problem with getting down to that ideal weight you always dreamed about. Make yourself
      Towards the end of email (in as P.S. maybe) let your Reader
      know that there will be a free gift or report in the next follow up related to getting in optimal fitness and hitting a desirable weight.
      And you want to help them with this.

      2. Value Email -
      This can be a PDF, video, audio, article,MP3 etc.. which will give Value to your
      reader and give him some tips on losing weight with nutrition or exercises.

      3.Soft Sale/Value email –
      Okay, in this email you want to talk more about getting fit and losing weight.
      Maybe come up with another personal story of how you overcame obstacles with bad eating habits that
      caused you to gain excess weight.
      This should be a Lead-in into the Product you are promoting. Towards the bottom, put your Affiliate
      Link to the Weight Loss Program you are promoting so your subscribers can Click and check it out.

      4. Hard Sale –
      Okay, this email is pretty much one big sales pitch, but done very, very tactfully. Stress
      all the benefits with your weight loss program and how it can really put your prospect in tip top shape.
      They just need to Click on your Affiliate link , and they will be on their way to that fine, toned, and sexy

      5. The Bridge -
      This is to remind your Readers that your email follow ups are geared to delivering
      excellent content and NOT just sale pitches. In fact , about 50%
      of your emails should just be great
      free content to build up Rapport and Trust with your Audience. And also help them out too

      6. Reminder email –
      Here essentially you are done with your 'Mini-Launch' . You are on to another
      topic with new email follow ups.
      But for me ,it is very important to have a reminder note at the top of this new email.
      Something like this, " Before we get started today, I just wanted to give a final shout out for you all
      to check out 'Deb's Weight Loss Program'. It will get you in that hot bikini for a hot Summer by the
      Beach. Just CLICK HERE "

      Anyway, I always like to at least mention my Products 3 times for each mini-launch. This Reminder
      email allows you to maximize the exposure of this first Product

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Originally Posted by Tim Alwell View Post

    I'm not sure if this is niche specific or if there is a fundamental structure that does really well, but what does your first 5-7 autoresponder emails look like and how do you space them out?
    Back to the same product every day...

    With each email hitting a different angle.

    That's autoresponders, however, broadcasts are much different.
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      Originally Posted by jamescanz View Post

      Back to the same product every day...

      With each email hitting a different angle.

      That's autoresponders, however, broadcasts are much different.
      Okay so what if you have a tripwire product and a core product,

      are you promoting the tripwire as a flash sale in those first few emails to get that first micro commitment purchase? And promoting your core product via broadcasts?

      or are you promoting your core product right away.
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        - I offer a free trial of my ebook ["tripwire"].
        - Following this with a series of emails that provide extra tips in order to build a relationship with my subscribers.
        - Then I provide a special discount to my ["core product"] as a show of appreciation to them for checking out my free trial.
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    How often you email your subscribers matters, but what matters the most is letting them know before they subscribe how often you'll email them.

    Regarding sales: just focus on writing the kind of emails you'll gladly read, and everything will take care of itself.

    Anyway, that's my style - I don't email daily, I don't sell in every email and I offer plenty of free advice. So far, it has worked wonderfully.
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    Hey Tim,

    It varies for everyone, and for the type of funnel you want to construct, but for the most part I have a combination of educate, provide, value, and then sell them each time. Here's my example below.

    Email 1: I just shoot a quick video introducing myself showing them how to whitelist my emails then to look forward to future emails, and why it's important that they open them. I'll also have a PPL offer at the bottom which I say is a Free Bonus gift just for opening.

    Email 2: I get a little personal here. Talk about my past work experience, failures, and give them a possible scenario that they didn't think of which could happen to them, and it gives them a good reason to reconsider my product.

    Email 3: I try to educate them a little bit so they understand how the product can change their lives, and I go a little more in depth on how it works then I bring up the product again.

    Email 4: I see if they're still with me? This time I bring up a little more urgency, but I give them a reminder of why it's important that they pick it up.

    Email 5: This ones straight forward. I use scarcity & straight up tell them that they have 24 hrs before I slam the door shut.

    Other NOTES: After email 1 you can segment your openers from your non openers. For the non openers I'll use a headline like: "I Saw You Missed This" then I'll continue with the same follow up series.

    Also if you're selling webinars then I'd recommend doing about 3 content packed videos to educate your audience before bringing out the big one where you try to sell them.

    You also don't need a sequence all the time. Depends on the traffic source. If I did a WSO or Classified Ad on the Warriorforum then I would just send broadcasts, but for cold traffic I would definitely use an email sequence.

    Just how I do things.

    Hope this helps
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