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I am looking for solo ad providers for a gardening/plant niche. Any recommendations?
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    Search for blogs in that niche, see which ones have opt-in forms, subscribe to their newsletters, check the quality of their content, select the best newsletters according to your standards, and then finally contact the publishers.

    Tell them that you're one of their subscribers (it will make them feel good and create a potential advantage) and explain what you're looking for.

    Don't shoot a few words like, "I wanna buy a solo ad." Some publishers from non-IM niches may not even know what a solo ad is. Other publishers call them "exclusive mailings."
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    I would recommend a ad swap service, there are a few out there if you goggle it.
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    i recommend you to visit form their you will get better idea about solo ad niche
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    Find in google websites with newsletters and try to contact them with an offer
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  • Hello Mel10

    Give your email to subscribe to blogs or niche forums, isciviti a newsletter to see how their content (you should always quality content).

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    Originally Posted by Mel10 View Post

    I am looking for solo ad providers for a gardening/plant niche. Any recommendations?
    I've been in the same boat. And I'm about to give up on solo ads and return to PPC marketing.

    I promote a product in the sports betting niche and most bloggers I reached out to are competitors and won't run my promotions. And the ones who are willing to are charging $4k+ per month for a banner ad...

    I never realized how over inflated the MMO niche is until I tried to find a solo ads for my own niche. You could literally go on facebook and find one of thousands of people selling their lists to MMO-marketers. Meanwhile you would be hardpressed to find one in the sports betting industry. You may even have a more difficult time than me since your niche is even smaller...

    Some people will suggest list-swapping sites - but how many offers do you want to send to your list that aren't from you? And beware of sites that charge you before you even buy solo ads from other people, when you can't even view the niches they offer beforehand.

    Solo Ads can definitely work. But its not a tool thats widely available for those outside of MMO.
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    I like Adrian's response, but yea, it's a bit of work for sure.

    And you won't be finding tons of blogs with good gardening list that are also ready to do a solo ad. And then, of those who do... how many have "buyers" on that list?

    You're obviously trying to get a list of people interested in gardening. So maybe solo ads is not your best avenue. Look to gardening forums, Facebook groups and G+ communities. Offer your lead magnet in those places and you might be getting a better list, and certainly a more responsive one.
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    I'd say try finding people who have created products in that niche in clickbank, jvzoo, or wherever, and seeing if you can purchase clicks to send to their buyers list.
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    Thank you everybody for your wisdom! Now I have a lot of great ideas to pursue. Thanks again.
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