What would you do with a 23 person list?

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So i've been trying to build a list over the last few weeks with my kindle books. I have 23 people currently.

Do you guys have any ideas what I should do at this point? Should I try to sell to them or just work on building a relationship?
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  • You should do both. Build a relationship while selling products, and always be growing your list.

    Remember, timid sales people have kids that wouldn't look out of place on a concern poster.

    Build list.
    Send entertaining and engaging emails frequently.
    Sell in every email

    That's my approach.

    - Declan
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    First of all, keep building. Don't ever stop building your list.

    What should you do with your 23 people?

    The answer: jab, jab, jab, right hook.

    Beat them with value (jabs) and then go for the knockout (pitch).

    Value can come in the form of blog posts, videos, testimonials, inspirational stories, sharing your own story to make you more relatable, running webinars, and anything free that they will appreciate.

    Then you can give them a sales pitch.

    Keep building your list, rinse and repeat the process.
    Focus on getting better at writing emails with compelling copy that gets people to take the action you want them to.

    Email often so you stay relevant in their inbox. Every niche is different but I personally try to email no less than 5x per week, but usually 1x per day.

    That's what I would do.
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    Firstly, you could concentrate on building more personal relationship with them and gain their trust.
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    Write more books in the genre they bought from you and promote those books to them. You should also promote your current books so you can grow that list more.

    You could technically promote other kindle books to your list, but since it's so small i highly recommend writing more so your customers have more things of yours to buy.

    With kindle I've come to understand that promoting what you have actively and writing more and more (getting more books out there) are the really the only routes you have. But they also happen to be routes that yield obvious ROI since they're both giving your potential customers more chances to buy from you.

    Don't just do one of the other though. Don't just promote old books without writing more, and likewise don't write more without promoting your old books. Concentrate less on the size of your list and as soon as you have another book ready for them, promote it to them.
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      Thanks for the insight. I'm going to focus on providing value for a few emails and then pitch them on a new book.
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    Hey sawa02,

    Glad to see that your getting some results.

    I'd say definitely keep building that list.

    but since you have a small list I'd say try connecting with your list in more ways than just sending emails.

    Try to get them to reply to your emails, add them on facebook and talk to them, and of course keep providing awesome value that will help them, and educate them so they look forward to your emails when you do sell them.

    It's not the size of the list, but the relationship you have with them
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    Keep building the list

    I'll buy it from you and monetize it. Would you take $3 for it.

    You might need to consider testing new tactics to get some more traffic to your sign up pages
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      Originally Posted by ProducerK View Post

      Keep building the list

      I'll buy it from you and monetize it. Would you take $3 for it.

      You might need to consider testing new tactics to get some more traffic to your sign up pages
      Hey thanks for the offer but getting these 23 people, which is now 28 ; ) has taken a lot of work.

      I geniuely care about my group. They are worth a lot more than .13 cents to me.
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    You still don't have a list as far as am concern. Focus on growing your list and set a target.

    If you can have a targeted and responsive list of 1,000+, you could be making good passive income.
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      Originally Posted by johnben1444 View Post

      You still don't have a list as far as am concern. Focus on growing your list and set a target.
      That's a bit disingenuous!

      We all have to start somewhere. It is crucial to build engagement and trust early in the relationship with your new subscribers.

      Try to send them to your blog, YouTube channel, FB page to increase engagement and make them more aware of you.

      Deliver valuable content on a consistent basis and if you do attempt to sell with every email as suggested earlier, then you better be sure to be delivering value before the sell or they will quickly unsubscribe.

      IM are some of the worst offenders for hammering people with constant pitches with no content whatsoever and this is not the way to go if you want to build a long term sustainable business.
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    I would personally keep building your list and bring them back to your blog for interaction while emailing them very often as much as you can.

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      1. Build List
      2. Entertain , Inform ,and Engage
      3. Sell

      As the old Warrior Adage goes, Rinse and Repeat

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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