Casestudy: from $0 to at least $5,000 a month through listbuilding

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    Good luck with your salesfunnel. Hope it works for you.
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    Hey Jeremy,

    Sales funnel looks great.

    For traffic I'd recommend using solo ads in the health niche.

    You can find solo ads in the health niche by checkings out websites such as udimi, and posting in facebook groups asking for people who have lists for health.

    Since you have a blog in the health niche you can get some Free traffic from youtube videos, pinterest, and maybe forum posting in some health forums.

    I've honestly never done much pinterest, or forum posting, but I've heard people have had success with it, and you never know unless you try.

    I'm also not in the health niche, but keep testing, tweaking, and eventually you'll find your groove if you haven't already.

    Anyways best of luck
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    Hey Jeremy,

    I checked out your video. If you looking to make $5k month you have to put out a $5k per month perception starting with your opt-in video. Leaving the customer saying "This guy really knows what he is talking about" Sorry, I didn't get that feeling watching the video. My first thought was "This guy is doing this from his apartment. I'm not giving him my e-mail address."

    Somethings I would recommend.

    Redo the opt-in video.
    First impressions means EVERYTHING

    The sound is very low and not of good quality. Invest a good boom mike (maybe $200).
    Add some background music. Look at just about every commercial. They use music in the background

    Smile more in the mirror before you start recording. If I'm just listening to the audio it sounds very monotone voice and boring. THIS IS THE BEST FIT IMPROVEMENT PLAN ON THE MARKET AND I STAND BY IT. Don't yell, but I should feel encouraged and motivated at the end of your video. "This is just what I was looking for. Where do I sign up???????"

    You in a white poker-dot like shirt with a off white background is not good. Make your background a little more exciting. Like be in the kitchen. If your kitchen is small or doesn't look stocked check out renting a professional kitchen for a hour. In the past I've created similar videos. I went to gym I belonged to and asked them if I can shot a video as soon as they opened. No problem.

    Video Advance
    Allow the person to advance the video. I know that goes against what is taught, but as I was looking at video I kept saying to myself "When is he going to get to the point?". Ultimately, I never finished the video.

    Use some b shots to help with imagery. I think just these little points will help you convert. Your using text, but showing testimonies photos or people smiling eating healthy has way more power.

    Who are you? If someone is watching this video on a site other then yours, or with the sound down they won't know who you are. is a great place to start for stock video, images, one-third, music, etc

    Good luck to you
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    I couldn't agree any less with Navyskater23 and
    rwyp. The weight loss niche is huge. Follow the
    advice they just gave you and 5k per month is
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    I applaud you for the massive action. I am in the health niche also, don't get discouraged because it is huge..

    I sent you a Skpye request we can chat if you like.

    Hope to talk to you soon..
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    Great feedback, thanks !
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    I think it's good - yes, room for improvement in the opt in video maybe, but I've seen far worse :-)

    You need to get a solo ad - just 100 clicks (cost around $60) so that you can get some data on how the opt in converts.

    If all goes well, look at more solo ads :-)
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    What plugin or theme did you use for your sales funnel? It looks very sleek
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    Just came across this. Good stuff.

    I've set up two sales funnels like this after I read that same thread.

    The first website I set up like this is making very small amounts of money. Nothing even worth mentioning.

    The second I recently finished setting up. I began promoting it last week. It's also in the health/fitness market.

    I created my own 10 day fitness course (includes workout routines, daily recipes, and fitness tips).

    On the second day they can purchase early access for $7. I have a video upsell for $27 a downsell for $19.

    I'm also promoting affiliate products. All days (except day 2) have links to affiliate offers.

    After they go through the course I'm sending a two newsletters a week. One that includes tips and one promoting an offer (both my own products and affiliate offers)

    Here's my plan...
    1) Giveaway contest to get subscribers

    2) FB ads to get subscribers

    3) Blog content for SEO and to get subscribers. The reason I'm leaving this for last is because having the subscribers from steps 1&2 will get my content shared faster.
    * Possibly may do Pinterest and posting in forums but already have a enough on my plate so we'll see.

    My results so far...
    a) Started my first Giveaway (it ends this Thursday). So far have 140 subscribers from it. I expect to have 225+ by the end of it.

    b) Started Facebook ads yesterday. Way too soon to tell anything. But got 15 subscribers from the ads. Stopped the ads last night after split testing. Started new ads this morning. Will see how that goes.

    Once I find some ads that start doing well I'll began creating authoritative blog posts and doing manual outreach to spread it and get backlinks. I did this with the first site and its rank #1 - 3 in Google for all my main keywords. It's a really small niche though so that's not saying much, haha. But I'll do the same in this current niche. I expect it to do well.
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    Oh yeah, you asked about what traffic methods you should use. Take this with a grain of salt because I'm starting out too.

    But from my own research I've determined that FB ads are the way to go. Cheaper than Google and better targeting.

    As an aside, "Cheaper" isn't too big of a deal. Because if you're tracking your leads/conversions/etc, then in 30 days you'll know your initial numbers. If you're making $20 per lead (just throwing a number out there) then you can spend $15 a click no problem.

    SEO is good but takes long to get subscribers. So if you have a marketing budget (even a small one) then I recommend going with PPC. It will get you results much faster.

    It takes time to split test your ads so while waiting for results create blog posts for SEO. So you get the best of both worlds. That's what I'm doing.
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    Great case history!
    Is a Funnel building every newbie Should study!

    Free Guide to Make Money Online [Now!]
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  • Hy Jeremy

    Very good, good results, congratulations !!

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