Need Help On How To Sell To My eBay List

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I have kept an email address of all my eBay customers since starting out selling a few months ago. I've got about 270 people on my list so far.

I wanted to ask fellow Warriors for ideas on how I could legally market products to my eBay list and encourage my customers to consider buying other products from me (perhaps affiliate marketing products). I was thinking about getting them to opt in via a free, low value product that I would ship out to them and then proceed to send them offers that they'd have to pay for and I'd profit from.

Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance.
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    It really depends on what you were selling on ebay.

    If you were selling furniture, weight loss, or other things that weren't IM related then it could be kind of weird promoting IM affiliate products to them.

    My recommendation would just be to either ask them in an email, or to survey them & see if they were interested in IM products as well.

    That's just a quick suggestion off the top of my head lol.
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