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Greetings Fellow Warriors,

So I finally got around to completing this. I know I am new around here, but I have been working online for the past 9 years.

One of the things that I have specialised in, over the years, is Permission Based Email Marketing.

Seeing that Matt added a new sub-forum out there for Emailers - I thought I'd write a detailed list that highlights everything there is to know about email marketing. I have been working on this for a little over 20 days now. It is over 10,000 words and is really detailed.

At first I thought I'd sell it as a WSO - but then I decided against it and now I am giving it away to the community instead.

So without much further ado, let's dive straight in.

Hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Table of Content
  • Introduction
  • Email Marketing Terms
  • Email Marketing Content Types
  • Permission Based Email Marketing
  • Market Analysis
  • Email Marketing Tools And Service
  • Best Practices And Important Tips
  • Weight Loss Niche Email Series
  • Gathering And Building The Email List


Welcome to the wonderful world of email marketing. This guide should act as a beginner or refresher resource for those interested in incorporating email marketing into their business marketing efforts.

The first part of this guide will give details on what email marketing entails, then get the reader familiar with terms used in email marketing, the advantages of using email marketing, tools to make managing this form of marketing easier, and finally the layout of an email series along with examples specific to the weight loss niche.

Email marketing is any form of direct marketing done via electronic mail for purposes of collecting data, selling, increasing awareness, requesting donations, and/or providing updates to those subscribed to receive these types of mailings, also known as subscribers. The term, email marketing, is often used loosely, but may involve:
  • A merchant sending out a mass email message to current or past customers to strengthen the consumer-merchant relationship and encourage customer loyalty and keep customers engaged and updated.
  • Sending email messages in order to make subscribers aware of new services and products from partner merchants during joint ventures.
  • Sending email messages in order to get feedback on a new product or ideas for creation of a new product or service.


There are tons of advantages to email marketing and for good reason. Below are just a few reasons email marketing has become a favorite amongst those using it to effectively communicate with customers and prospects:
  • Email marketing is fairly inexpensive. The bulk of expenses are put toward reliable hosting for subscriber management (to include forms used to collect data, sending to a massive amount of subscribers at once, and help staying in compliance with spam and consumer laws). Because email marketing is so inexpensive compared to other mediums, merchants often experience a high return on their investment.

  • Not only is email marketing more cost effective than other mediums, but it's faster. Whereas traditional direct mail can quickly rack up in costs, time, and effort, email marketing is more easily managed and literally instant.

  • Leads are often times more targeted, because they've opted to receive communication from the merchant versus a merchant communicated due to a broader interest expressed by each individual subscriber.

  • Email marketing also gives the merchant better control over when emails are read, by analyzing data to see who in what part of the world opens and reads their emails the most and when.

Email Marketing Terms

Below are some terms that may be a bit unfamiliar to the new email marketer that should be acknowledged before proceeding.

Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate is the percentage of total emails sent but could not be delivered to the recipient's inbox.

There are two types of bounces, hard and soft bounces.

Soft bounces are less threatening as they only occur periodically with a valid email address is encountering some sort of network problem from the server. This can be from the recipient's end or the sender's end (sometimes tools used to send and manage emails can have a heavier than usual usage and cause the server to have delays). The recipient's server may deliver these bounced emails at a later time once the issue is resolved.

Hard bounces are the result of an invalid, closed, or non-existent email address, and sadly these emails will never result in a successful delivery and should be removed from the merchant's subscriber base to save space, time, and money.

Delivery Rate
Delivery Rate the percentage of emails that were actually delivered to recipients' inboxes. The delivery rate takes into consideration both hard and soft bounces and eliminates them from being calculated to give a more accurate percentage of emails successfully delivered. Though debatable, many marketers consider a deliverability rate in the 90 percentile to be good. 10 percent or less would be a somewhat acceptable rate of undelivered emails.

Keeping a track of emails that continue to fail to be delivered to along with records of receipts who seem to never open emails can help to lower this percentage and keep the merchant's delivery rate relatively high. Merchants should also consider if their emails are being flagged as spam by firewalls or major ISPs, causing messages to be blocked.

List Growth Rate
List Growth Rate is a term used to describe the rate at which a list is growing in number of subscribers and readers. Monitoring the growth of an email list can make it easier to know what works and what doesn't work to increase the overall performance of each email campaign, as well as save time and money.

To calculate the list growth rate simply subtract those who have opted-out (or chosen to no longer receive emails) and the hard bounces from the number of new subscribers gained in a 30 day period and divide that number by the original number of subscribers in that list. The email list growth rate is vital to email marketing success.

CTR (Click Through Rate)
CTR (Click Through Rate) is the number of subscribers who opened a given email and clicked an embedded link located within the email message. To determine the CTR divide the unique number of those who opened the successfully delivered emails the total number of clicks.

Monitoring email CTR is important because it helps the merchant to know if emails prompt readers to take the desired action and that the reader remains engaged and intrigued by the material the merchant sends.

Email Sharing
Email Sharing is the percentage of recipients who clicked on a "share this" option/button to share that particular email with others. The sharing tool is usually something connected to a social networking website, but can be as simple as forwarding the original email to a designated new recipient.

Email sharing is an indicator that not only is the content within the emails relevant, but enjoyable or valid enough to share with others who will likely feel similarly. The more a merchant can get subscribers and readers to share the more the reach of their message can expand and drastically increase the reach of the message by tapping into the viral nature of subscribers through their personal and social networks.

Open rate
Open rate is simply the term used to describe the number of subscribers that open and read an email versus the overall amount sent to all the subscribers in a set campaign. There are many factors that can impact the number of opens.

If any, embedded images are in a message and the recipient has blocked such features, the email may not hit the inbox. This means that even if the message is successfully delivered, it won't be included in your open rate, if the user does not see the complete content of the message due to their restriction settings in their email.

Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate is the number of subscribers who have clicked on an embedded link within an email and completed a desired action. The desired action can vary but it can be as simple as filling out survey, signing up for a new list, or purchasing a product or service. This rate is the most important measure of an email campaign's effectiveness.

The higher the conversion rate, the more relevant effective the campaign and the more likely the merchant is to have a better overall relationship with their subscribers.

Unsubscribe Rate
Unsubscribe Rate is the number of subscribers who have opted out or confirmed they would like to stop receiving emails versus who keeps their subscription and continues to grant the merchant permission to send emails to their inbox.

Email Marketing Content Types

Email marketing includes a variety of different types of emails, separated by its general purpose, for example:

Service Emails
Service Emails are usually sent to update customers who have made a purchase. This can include (but in no way is limited to) emails sent to update customers about a recent or past order, special offers based on past purchases, or surveys to better merchants provide value to them in the future.

E-newsletters are more informative and usually include articles or links to articles that detail more in-depth an update or information about a new product or service that may be of interest to their subscribers. These types of emails may include information on how to obtain free or discounted products or services as well.

Press Releases
Press Releases are a bit more one-sided and serve to update subscribers on information about the company and update them on new products, events, company changes in management, policies, prices, etc, and other information made to the public on the status of a company and their business practices.

Surveys are used to build a better product, service, and/or overall customer experience by simply asking customers and prospects questions to get the info needed to provide more of what subscribers want, thus increasing sales and awareness.

Invitations are sent to make aware and invite subscribers of upcoming special events. If done right, this can bring a flood of old and new customers in order to not only get people with like interests in one room, but better connect with customers to help build a better future experience with the company.

Thank You emails
Thank You emails are simple notes to let your customers know you're grateful for their business. Use this time to also welcome new customers and explain your polices, contact information and business practices. This is also an excellent time to make them aware of other products and services they may find useful that the company readily provides.
With there being so many different types of emails, it's important to note how different emails work.

Transactional Emails
Transactional Emails are usually given directly after the end user has taken action to receive a product or service from a merchant. These types of emails may serve as a proof of transactions, similar to a recipient given in a store by the register. Because these emails are vital for customer's records, it's not uncommon for merchants to experience a higher than usual open rate, which makes for an excellent time to provide other vital information to their customer they may feel to be important for the on-going success of their relationship and future business.

Sponsorship Emails
Sponsorship Emails are the ultimate leverage because you can
a. Sell access to the list you've built for additional income or

b. Access the lists of other merchants in order to bring awareness to your brand and build your list. In other words, sponsored emails involve a merchant sending an email on behalf of another company to their list in order to help them expand (get new buyers, build their lists, and/or invite new prospects to events and presentations). A sponsored email may also be referred to as a solo ad.
Lead Nurturing Emails
Lead Nurturing Emails are emails with the sole purpose of educating users on valid reasons why doing business with them is a wise choice and one to be made sooner rather than later. Specials and discounts may be featured in these types of emails to encourage quicker action taken by readers.

Digests are similar to newsletters, but rather than full articles like what would be seen in a newsletter, digests give readers snippet like information pieces so that readers get more select information easier and faster than reading a full article about one particular segment.

Email Newsletters
Email Newsletters may consist of several articles which are aimed at fulfil one particular goal. Newsletter campaigns are usually longer and more in-depth than digests are also based on a consistent recurring schedule (i.e. quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, weekly, or daily).

Permission Based Email Marketing

Permission based email marketing involves mailing to subscribers that have opted in to your email lists themselves and have given you permission to mail them what you've agreed to mail them at the time they've signed up. This is a favourite amongst subscribers and merchants for several reasons. For subscribers, it ensures that emails are welcomed and wanted versus emails that prove to be a nuisance and for merchants, it ensures a higher open rate, less complaints, and a higher quality of subscribers.

Permission based email marketing is highly recommended and preferred by subscribers. Emails that are sent to subscribers that haven't specifically given a merchant permission to send may be considered to be unsolicited pieces of information and may be reported as spam. Even worse, these types of emails are often ignored, which become a loss for a merchant. The value of each subscriber significantly increases when the subscriber has opted in on their own versus being mailed to at random.

  1. Always give valuable, relevant content to your subscribers. Never send information that is not align with your company's purpose or the purpose for the initial communication. Create a lasting relationship with your subscribers by giving them the information you've promised and the information they expect. If you neglect to do this, subscribers are more inclined to neglect to open and read your emails or even worse, report them as being spam.

  2. Consider requiring all subscribers to double opt in or simple confirm through their email that they've requested the info you've promised to send them when they signed up. Double opt ins are more targeted, often produce higher open rates, and ensure a lower spam complaint, because subscribers have taken that extra step to confirm they want and expect your emails.

  3. No matter what email management software service you use, be sure they allow your subscriber to opt out of receiving your emails easily. Giving subscribers an option to opt out is usually done by clicking a link at the bottom of an email where they'll confirm they do indeed, want to stop or limit the emails they receive from the sender. Make this option available and make it easy to do.

The Benefits of Permission Based Email Marketing
In the event it isn't clear as to why anyone would want to do email marketing, consider this, email marketing allows you to build a targeted audience that you have direct access with. It also gives you a greater opportunity to build a stronger relationship with prospects, more easily turning those prospects into customers. In the event sales for your company get slow, you can also offer other companies in similar niches an opportunity to advertise and expand awareness of their company for a nominal fee to you.

Permission-based email marketing also shows that your company respects and appreciates the time it takes to open and read each email. It also separates a merchant that respects sensitive information such as emails from those who do not...those that may be considered by others as spammers.

Lastly subscribers that have taken time to confirm they actually want a merchant's emails increase the chances that they'll be more interactive. A more interactive audience ensures that not only will more emails be read, but when action is called for, for things such as surveys, they'll be a higher number of participants leading to a better quality of feedback that will be helpful to the merchant.

Market Analysis

Though many forms of marketing have seemed to become less and less effective or even available throughout the years, email marketing remains a consistent and in demand medium for both advertisers and for consumers that opt to stay updated by companies they've done or wish to do business with.

Email marketing usage has proven to increase at almost 100 percent annually. With its massive potential it's known as one of the most efficient and effective marketing mediums for virtually any and all types of businesses. With more and more people not only becoming aware of the power of email marketing, but taken steps to put it to use, now more than ever is it obvious that companies have the chance to build a closer, targeted audience base of past and potential customers for accomplishing long term business goals.

The below infographic, though a few years old gives you a very clear idea about the growth of email. If the conditions were that high 5 years ago, you can imagine the situation now.

Customer Segmentation and Targeting

Transforming a lead to a buyer isn't necessarily an easy task, but with the help of email marketing, it can become simpler. Through segmenting your subscribers, by interests and actions taken while reading your email, you can more easily and quickly determine the right products and services for each of your subscribers. While analyzing your subscribers over a period of time you'll notice who opens the most and at what times. You'll also begin to notice patterns that you can use to your advantage when sending your emails. Even more interesting, you'll notice what type of subscriber takes more interests in one email's purpose over anothers.

Segmenting your lists involves adjusting how you categorize subscribers using traits based on demographics, or the behavior of subscribes classified by age group, sex, hobbies, finances, career field, purchase history, psychology etc. Take common and important traits of recent and past buyers to better determine who might like your products/services in the future.

Analyze these demographics often to more easily and quickly determine trends and take action toward using those trends as leverage to attract more customers and turn leads to buyers.
Note: Write to your prospects in a way that relates with them. If your audience uses a particular type of terminology or jargon, then make sure your emails include them. If your audience is familiar with a current issue in the media, bring it to their attention and make them aware that your company is aware as well. Do your best to not only write to your subscribers, but for them.

Email Marketing Tools & Platforms

AWeber is the leader in the email marketing industry and is trusted by over 100,000 businesses worldwide for their software's highly reliable email deliverability, expert customer support, user friendly interface, and secure system for those trusting them with one of their most valuable business assets, their subscriber list(s).

AWeber features include -

Auto responders enablers which allow you to set the date and time you want an email to be sent to some or all your subscribers stored with AWeber. You're also able to set up your emails in a series that are mailed in a sequence you set from when a subscriber first signs up to indefinite. You can organize these emails to be sent on a specific day during a specific time or in specific intervals as you see fit.

Email and Web Form Templates, which make it easy for any non-designer to take full advantage of presenting beautiful and professional designs for both their emails and the opt in forms used to collect subscriber information. AWeber has hundreds of easy to customize templates that include single and multiple column designs. AWeber makes it easy for even the most technically inexperienced user to nice, professional emails and forms that match their site and brand.

Analytic tools which make analyzing data for better marketing very simple. A user can easily track who's opening emails, clicking links within emails, and proceeding to make purchases. You can also segment subscribers using this information for better targeting and a higher response from those segments. AWeber makes it easy to send targeted messages to subscribers based on information from analytics such as the information gathered at sign up or even location suggested from IP addresses.

Split Testing which allows a user to know exactly what elements of an email work better than others. For example, a user can take a small group of subscribers and send half of them one subject line and the other half another to see which gets more opens. When the results are in, the user can then use that subject line to send to a wider audience that will likely result in a higher overall open rate. A user can do the same for opt in forms to see what an audience responds better to.

Apps are also made available by AWeber to easy & simplify integration with social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, along with popular blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogspot and more.

AWeber also welcomes users to use their API to create an app for your own business solutions. You can also use AWeber in combination with your RSS feed for your blogs and sites that already use them.

AWeber also integrates with:
  • Unbounce: Subscribers from your Unbounce pages are added to your list
  • Drupal: Add a sign-up form to your Drupal site
  • PayPal: Customers become subscribers after a purchase through PayPal
  • And many more third party utlities.


MailChimp is known for one for one of the most user friendly email marketing platforms this industry has seen. It's fairly easy to use design visual works of art, manage subscribers and track an email's performance. Advanced tools like segmentation, a/b testing and return on investment (ROI) tracking make analyzing data simple.

MailChimp also helps manage emails that bounce back and help to ultimately decrease that rate. It strategically breaks down bounce backs into hard or soft bounces. Soft bounces are email addresses that are valid, but for whatever reason, they couldn't be delivered. An example would be a unknowingly busy server, whereas hard bounces are from email addresses that no longer exist. Knowing this data alone allows a user to easily remove invalid emails, saving time and money on emails that are no longer an access to a subscriber list.

MailChimp will remove an email automatically for a user if over the next five campaigns the email continues to prove itself invalid. Equally important, MailChimp uses a spam filter checker or Inbox Inspector to tell you exactly what an email's spam score is, and suggestions on improving the score, making the chances of the email's deliverability higher.

MailChimp prides itself on its analytically technology that includes a powerful abuse-detection aspect called Omnivore. Omnivore studies patterns in bad campaigns and predicts a campaign's behavior before a user sends future emails. MailChimp's video merge tags can save you a lot of time if a user includes videos in their email campaigns. MailChimp makes it incredible easy to see how many people are clicking links and which links are being clicked the most.

Users can also see how many people have unsubscribed.

NOTE: Both AWeber and MailChimp make it easy to view what percentage of people opened mails (known as the open rate).

MailChimp also gives users suggestions on their subject line for each email they create. A user simply enters words or phrases related to an ideal subject line and MailChimp will compare it to all subject lines ever used in their system, resulting in the best open rates.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another popular provider for email marketing management. Constant Contact is known for its wide variety of options for customizing emails. They have one of the largest selections for both the non-designer and the more experienced designer. Using Constant Contact's Advanced Editor a designer may use their own HTML design by simply copy and pasting it into the custom template.

Testing your email in any email management software is important. Each provider listed above provides testing tools to ensure your email is delivered as planned as well as gives the user an idea of how the settings will be outputted to future readers. When you send a test email, keep in mind what folders the email lands in, if any and all links go to their correct designation, custom designs appear correct and aligned, and the email's presentation is satisfactory.

Some different aspects to be tested include:
  • Days of the week that get better open rates
  • The time of day that work best for promotions that result or anticipate results in sales
  • The time of day that work best for informative "newsletter" campaigns
  • Types of subject line style works best (long, short, subject lines including the company name, subject lines that act as questions, subject line, etc.)
  • A company's name in the "From" line, or a human's name
  • The time of day that work best for higher overall click rate

There are however some disadvantages to split testing if not used over a lengthy period of time and properly analyzed, which isn't always the easiest thing to do. Often time split testing only tests one element at a time, not multiple elements that may or may not offset results of another element.

Split testing can also result in inefficient data collection for some or all of your subscribers due to testing what works better than others. Split testing can pick only one type of data at one time. Multivariate tests can make much more efficient testing by collecting many variables at one time.

Best Practicies and Important Tips

Though Constant Contact provides one of the best features for customizations for the user, all of the mentioned tools allow a certain level of customization using HTML. A few advantages to using HTML to customize emails include:
  • HTML makes it easy to build a company's brand, allowing the display of company colors, logo, custom fonts and images.

  • Animations can act as links and prompt a higher click through rate. Some editors may allow the embedding of video, which has been proven to keep readers engaged and increase the desired action of the viewer.

  • HTML email templates also make it fast and easy to create new emails and stay consistent with the look and feel of emails presented to subscribers.

Whether using a HTML or a text editor it's important that emails get to their desired destination. Some words will stop that from happening due to filters built in by popular emails providers such as AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. These spam filters take a close look at words with in the subject lines and body's of each email. Below are a list of commonly used words and phrases that trigger these spam filter:
  • Free
  • Act now
  • All new
  • [number]% off
  • Call now
  • Earn money
  • Double your income
  • You're a winner
  • Cash bonus
  • While supplies last
  • Why pay more
  • Excesses use of punctuation marks and symbols and capital letters.

Easily decrease your chances of having your email not be delivered by following these simple steps:
  1. Use the above listed trigger words sparingly, if at all.

  2. Be mindful of the audience and the language they use and are familiar with. If in doubt, don't use the language being questioned.

  3. Merchants should avoid linking to or writing anything in emails about drugs, multi level or pyramid marketing, gambling, alcohol, weapons, pirated materials, obscene language, vulgar actions of violence, pornography, escort services, instructions on making or purchasing illegal goods or weapons, instructions on how to commit any type of illegal or fraudulent activity.
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    Weight Loss Niche Email Series

    In no way is the following outline set in stone. It should be used as a guideline to crafting and perfecting a company's brand and deliver, no matter the niche or audience. The first email should serve as a welcome email to new subscribers. The following emails should establish trust, provide valuable information, share current news in the related niche, encourage engagement, and excite subscribers about taking actions. Below is an ideal description of what these emails will include.

    The first email should be a welcome email.
    The welcome email as soon a subscriber signs up for email updates and should be used to thank a subscriber for subscribing as well as give a brief description of what they should expect in the following emails.

    It's equally important for the email to provide a reminder as to why they're receiving the email. A subscriber may not check their email right after subscribing and it's not uncommon for subscribers to forget why they've signed up for a specific newsletter, especially if they've signed up to several email lists around the same time.

    The following few emails should focus on establishing trust.
    The emails following the welcome email are used to establish trust and inform subscribers. These emails introduce the company, what the company does and provides, as well as provides information that will be of use to the subscriber. Only briefly should these emails discuss the company versus what's in the emails for the subscriber's benefit.

    After establishing trust by either sharing knowledge with subscribers about the merchant and the subject at hand, the merchant should then begin involving current events and help subscribers stay updated. While doing this, the merchant can tie in small promotions to their own products or products of affiliates that give them a commission on sales and/or leads.

    Merchants don't have to necessarily wait so late in their series to encourage reader engagement. Links to surveys or encouraging readers to reply to an email can better help a merchant understand their reader and their needs to create a better future experience for their readers. At this time it's also important to keep in mind options for segmenting so that a more closely related message can be relayed to each subscriber based on what direction they're moving toward.

    The following example details how a merchant in the weight loss niche may handle segmentation.

    Email 1: Welcome
    Email 2: Why company A believes anyone can lose weight
    Email 3: 3 common myths pertaining to weight loss
    Email 4: The amazing true story of someone who recently lost a lot of weight
    Email 5: A survey of why a particular reader wants to lose weight.

    Email 5 begins a segmentation of the initial list that may result in smaller lists that include more targeted interests such as:
    • Readers who need to lose only a small amount of weight
    • Readers who want to build muscle as well as lose fat
    • Readers who want to become more athletic
    • Readers who have just had a baby, thus resulting in unwanted weight
    • Readers who want to get rid of "love handles"
    • Readers with a great desire to have a six pack set of abs
    • Readers who are diabetics and are limited to what they can eat
    • Readers who do not eat meat and must consider other foods to get protein
    • Readers who do not have a substantial amount of time to lose weight
    • Readers who do not have access to gym equipment to help in their weight loss

    By knowing just a few key things about readers, a merchant is more easily able to suggest products and services that are more likely to relate with the potential buyer. For example, a weight loss guides for new moms would not appeal to a man trying to get a six pack. A vegetarian would likely not buy a guide on that involves eating steak on a daily basis. Segmenting allows a more specific message to be sent to just the right recipient for a better chance of getting them to take the desired action intended by the email.

    Just because a merchant begins to segment their lists doesn't mean that at one time or another the same message won't appeal to everyone on their list. A new study detailing how losing weight too slow can be unhealthy, could appeal to anyone, no matter their reason for wanting to lose weight.

    Survey results are a more obvious way to segment lists, but other factors should be taken into consideration as well, such as users that seem to open their emails more than others or subscribers who seem to click more than others. A merchant may even consider where the subscriber signed up for the newsletter or at what time of the year they signed up. It wouldn't be unusual for a merchant to thank a subscriber for being on their list for more than a year...sort of like an anniversary announcement. It would be odd however to announce this annual celebration to someone who has just signed up to the list. A merchant should consider any and all behaviors and interests that can be easily tracked that give them the leverage of grouping like subscribers for easier marketing and a more pleasant reader experience.

    There is no set time that a merchant must start to present offers to either their own products and services or an affiliates, but it is highly recommend you send emails that set out to establish trust and authority first, before ever mentioning a suggestions that involves asking for an investment on the subscribers behalf. Not doing this correctly can easily result in a higher than normal unsubscribe rate and complaints. When done properly subscribers are happy to take a merchants' suggestions because they have yet to be misinformed or given bad advice and tips. The subscriber is appreciative and feels respected rather than insulted and taken advantage of.

    Following emails should include tips, methods, news, and suggestions to products and services. Every email should not include a promotion of some sort, just like not all emails should be a simple company update (unless of course that's the only thing promised as an incentive to join list initially). A merchant should consider each email like a meet up with a friend. Not all times will a person and their friend talk about one particular thing, not all times will they be eating a meal while talking. There are a variety of things that will determine what is said and what is done each and every time they meant and it would be unusual if it was otherwise.

    Below is an email series in the health/diet niche with a personal, first person, perspective who aims to inform readers about how to lose weight, while making suggestions that ultimately result in affiliate commissions.
    Subject: How to lose a ton...literally

    Thanks for joining my lists. It is with great hopes that I give you the tips, tools, and encouragement everyone can use on their weight loss journey. Before I begin to provide you the information that has helped me and others lose a combined total of over2,100 pounds, let me provide you with my personal story. Why? Because at this point there is only one thing for sure: we share or once shared the desire to lose weight. As of now I may be poorer than you or richer...I'm a male, whereas you're a female...I may have more time than you currently have and/or my additional weight may have affected me differently than it does you. My point is that by telling you my story I can give you a better idea of what I have to contribute to helping you create your own success story. So without further ado, here it is.

    My weight has been an issue my entire life. There isn't a time during my childhood or my adult life where I remember being anywhere near average in size and weight. To put it simply, it sucked. The big kid in my experience is never first to get picked at kickball on the playground, nor is he the one all the girls drool over when choosing a prom date. Yeah, being overweight, big, fat, obese, whatever you choose to call it, isn't easy as a child and those woes carry into adulthood.

    So now that you know that I'm not some perfectly fit trainer who could never relate to being overweight, let me tell you what got me motivated to lose weight. One day my best friend calls and says he's getting married and because his fiancé was in the military and due to deploy soon the wedding would be the following weekend. Because I'm one of his best men, the next day I and two others schedule to try on suits.

    Sadly no shop was able to aid all three of us in time. Each shop confirmed it would be nearly impossible to order and then tailor my suit to match the other men's in time for the wedding. It was my best friend's wedding and because I was extremely overweight, I was unable to stand by his side as he accepted his wife's hand in marriage. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and most importantly starting to realize the things I would miss out on if I didn't get my weight under control.

    Now as sad as my story is, it helped me and kept me motivated to lose 180 pounds. In the next email I send you, I'm going to show you the one thing that began to shed pounds like magic and how to apply it almost effortlessly. In the emails following, I'll be sharing tips, tricks, and a few products that will help you go reach your weight loss goal.

    So that's enough about me, now for what works for everyone (as long as you're human). Find out in my next email.

    Subject: The 1 thing to make weight loss easier is...

    Hello again. Have you ever wished you knew back in the past something you now know? How much easier things would have been had you just had that bit of knowledge at the time you needed it? Well had I known there were so many things that hindrance my weight loss, I would have never done them and I'll soon share with you how you can avoid these mistakes. Now a promise is a promise and I will be giving you the one thing that helped me to start seeing pounds shed instantly, but first let me tell you the things you'll want to keep in mind that make weight loss so much easier.

    For starters, be clear on the why...the reason you want to lose weight. Make sure you're doing it for you and no one else. So establish your why and keep it in mind.

    Got it? Good. Okay so now that you know why you want to lose weight, time to focus on the how you're going to do it. You can start by creating realistic goals. How much weight do you want to when do you want to lose it? Can't decide? If not, then focus on a desirable pants size. Ladies, how would you look as a size 10 as opposed to a size 22? Men, how would you feel in a size 32 inch waistline pants versus a 56 inch waistline pair of slacks?

    When considering how you're going to achieve your desired weight note how you can make completing this goal fun. How can you make this so that you look forward to more healthier meals...or exercising? Losing weight and more importantly maintaining weight is a lifestyle change and a commitment you'll want to make sure you can stick with.

    So I want to tell you the one thing that's helped me to lose weight literally effortlessly. Ready? Water...drinking water helped suppress my appetite, keep toxins out of my body, create resistance which built my muscle mass (by swimming), and decrease headaches that are common for those starting to lose weight.

    Now I'm going to be discussing the importance of water a lot more in the following emails, but I think you get it for now. In the next email, I'm going to tell you what all DOESN'T work. You'll be surprised and I want you to take action to ensure you're not wasting your time and efforts making these mistakes that kept me and others from completing our weight loss goals.

    You can even break down emails to garner interest

    Subject: Weight loss lies I thought were true (Part 1 of 3)
    This is one of the most exciting emails I've written so far for you because I'm exposing the things that never worked for me and others and I want you to avoid them at all costs. The very first mistake I made was with food. I immediately began to eat only diet this and low fat that, but neglected to read the labels. So that leads us into important fact number one, just because it's low fat, low or no sugar, or diet, doesn't mean it's healthier. Read the label and dig deeper into what you're really getting and what may have been substituted for more natural elements that may be more processed and ultimately more of a negative than a positive.

    The other mistake I made was thinking my stomach could tell time. Your stomach can not tell time and it doesn't' matter whether you eat at 2AM or 2PM, your stomach processes it all the same. HOWEVER, it is suggested you eat certain times because that's when you're most likely to be active. Know when you're active the most, whether that be early morning or late night and know that what you put in has a greater chance of getting out when you're the most active...whatever time that may be.

    Know that a diet is not something you go on...a diet is something that you're already experience. For some odd reason we as humans seem to think a diet is something turned on and off, when in reality we mean to say we have changed our diet, not that we are now on one. Consider what you eat now as your diet and how you can more closely relate your current diet to the illusion of a meal plan strictly dedicated to helping you lose weight.

    Another mistake I made was trying to lose weight in different areas. The weight will fall off from everywhere. Your body shape and type will determine how that may look once it starts coming off. Now toning is something completely different and it's important to note that difference so you don't feel that while other parts of you are slimming, others are not.
    Now these are just a few things that really got me to losing weight more easily when I understood them, BUT I don't want you to be fooled. There are very specific things that I noticed that I feel I must share, starting with food. In the next email I'll share with you food myths that almost caused me to gain weight and I want you to avoid them at all costs.

    Subject: Weight loss lies I thought were true (Part 2 of 3)

    I'm writing you this email quick, because the sweat is pouring off my face, onto my laptop and I fear I may just fry my motherboard. It's funny because the exercise I just did, didn't take much effort, but it surely gave me a great workout. I'll be sure to share it with you in the next email so you too start to do "exercises" that aren't tedious on your back and joints that are actually (my opinion) quite enjoyable.

    Now, I promised to share with you the foods that I thought were healthy that actually made me gain weight. Let me first state that I believe foods from all the food groups contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. I don't think cutting out one food group over another is actually healthy at all and is one of the worse advices I could ever give you. I do however feel that balance is the key and too much of anything, is never a good thing.

    Got it? Good. Let's continue.

    Granola was one of the foods that were seemingly healthy, but only served to put on pounds. Sugar and oil are what holds this seemingly healthy food together. If you must have it, eat so moderately and know that it isn't as healthy as it seems.

    Fruit juices made from concentrate can help pack on the pounds as well. When in doubt, look for 100% juices that are sure to a bit easier on both your stomach and weight loss goals.

    Rice cakes and sushi were never something I liked, but with furthering my research I discovered it is a favorite amongst millions of others and if you're one of them, I thought you'd like to know the amount of saturated fat each bite puts into your system. Again if you must eat them, do so moderately.

    Now I'm sure the last two foods are going to absolutely shock you! One of them is likely included in every "diet" you've ever come across. But I got to get in the shower, so I'll send you the details along with the exercise that's gotten me so sweaty in the next email.

    Subject: Weight loss lies I thought were true (Part 3 of 3)

    Just so you know I'm not a sweaty mess like last time and I can take my time to tell you what it is that's going to help you reach your weight loss goals. First, let me ask you, what is the one part of your body that gives others the perception you're fat? It's not a trick question, but I want you to keep this in mind, because I'll tell you what it is and how to get rid of it, but first I want to reveal the two foods that are almost always in every diet that can actually make you gain weight.

    Drum roll please...salads and frozen TV dinners.

    TV dinners are packed with sodium, one of the things used in the olden days to keep foods "fresh." A lot of times these foods are processed and sadly, not authentic in its ingredients. Because these meals are low calorie a lot of consumers feel they're great for their weight loss, but in reality it's far more dangerous than can be seen on the surface.

    Salads can quickly get fatty. The dressing and contents can add loads of pounds if you're not careful. Creamy dressing versus oil or vinegar based dressing can quickly become a liability to your weight loss goals as opposed to an asset. So it's not the salad itself, but what you put on it.

    Okay so now that you're on the up and up on the foods that may seem healthy, but are not so much, I want to tell you the one part of your body that gives you the label fat from others...ready?

    Your stomach has a great impact as to whether you're labeled overweight or not. In the next email, I'm going to share with you a tool I've used to reduce my stomach's appearance, and no it doesn't involve me wearing Spanx.

    Well, I'm going to get back to bicycling...the exercise that got me all sweaty the last email (told you I'd share). Watch out for the next email, telling you the tool that makes that flabby belly virtually disappear.

    Segmentation Begins

    Subject: Nutrition vs. exercise - Which one rules?

    Before I get into sharing with you the tool that's helped me to get rid of a stomach that was embarrassing me and causing me to appear "fat," let me answer a question that seems to never be answered, which is more vital to your weight loss success, what you eat or the activities you do to get rid of what you've ate.

    If it comes down to calories in and calories out does it even matter? Doesn't that mean
    they are equal then? The simple answer is no.

    I am not sure what scientists used to figure it out, but a recent study I read said that losing weight was about 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.

    I don't know why, but it makes common sense. Nutrition is more important, because besides it controlling your calories in. it also controls the calories out. It controls calories out because it is the fuel that you body will burn to do exercises in the first place.

    The food you eat don't just give you calories, it gives you the energy to carry out daily activities you do without even noticing. It also affects the health of your skin, your eyes, and other vital organs on the outside of your body. So know even if you are unable to make it to the gym once or twice, eating healthy still matters.

    Now the great mystery is over, back to that stomach. Ideally toning your stomach comes down to your muscles contrasting and contracting to build more muscles that give it that tone look.

    Simple, right? Of course, but how do you get those muscles going in this directions. Sit-ups, crunches, literally anything that gets that mid-section squeezing those muscles together to tighten them.

    My next email will tell you the exact tool I used to maximum my efforts without doing more sit-ups or more crunches. Intrigued? Well you'll have to look out for the next email I send out. I'm going for a walk, but I'll be in touch.

    Subject: No more belly

    Wouldn't that be nice? To be able to say that you have no more belly or extra mid-section. Trust me it feels great and it all starts with simple ab targeted exercise that can be done while you watch TV or listen to music.

    Pilates-like exercises involving "hallowing out" your stomach can be done while you sit and start the contrasting needed for your muscles to build and start toning.

    A lot of people are unaware, but balancing exercises require you to brace and contract your abs in order to stay upright, which help to tighten and build those muscles.

    Many ab exercises can be done in one position and with little effort. If you're doing just a few of these exercises you're well on your way to getting rid of the one thing that makes you appear heavier. Now if you really want to maximize your results, I suggest you check out belts that stimulate this contrasting motion in your abs.

    I've tried a few and the belt I've felt gave me the most work out with the least amount of hassle is The Flex Belt. It uses three pre-set pads made of gel to reach out to nerves that help the contrasting process in a natural relaxing way. It works several muscles at one time and I recommend it highly for those with bad backs that may not be able to do ab exercises the manual way at its max (which is quite okay when you use this tool).

    Now with this tool and with manual efforts, you'll have a stomach to be proud of in no time, BUT I have to warn you, there is a way to use both the tool and manual exercise in combination with one more thing to multiple your efforts with no additional work.

    Check it out for yourself: [affiliate link here]

    In the next email I'll share with you in the next email how to multiple these efforts even more.

    Subject: What this pro football player does for better abs

    So the last email got a lot of people excited, which of course excites me. I'm wearing my Flex Belt as I write this email and I assure you it's in no way wearing me out. So now that you know that your manual efforts can be made even more powerful with The Flex Belt, I have to share with what NFL pro football player, Jerry Rice, does while he has on his Flex Belt.


    What??? I know you're wondering how the heck can you be eating and exercising, but the truth is Jerry Rice loves the Flex Belt and he does it with an additional activity that he knows won't interfere with it. He runs with it, he attends meetings with it (to include lunch meetings), and he recommends it to all his friends.

    Can I tell you a secret? That's what initial got me remotely interested in trying the belt. If a national pro football player can use this belt and see results on top of the extreme athletic exercises he does, then I knew I was headed in the right direction.

    So if you haven't already checked out this amazing belt do so here, [affiliate link here]. I'm taking mines off now as I finish up this email. My stomach feels like I just did 300 crunches. I think I've had enough ;-)

    I have a meeting early in the morning, which will likely result in a likely upcoming schedule, which is why in the next email I'm going to share with you quick and simple dishes that will help you not only lose weight, but do so in a way that doesn't suck up your time.
    Subject: Let's eat!

    Don't you just love when you gather with the family at the big function and the head of the house yell, "Let's eat!?" It's almost as if they've said "On your mark, get set, go." And you've taken off to win a race you've been prepping for forever.

    I won't lie to you, I absolutely love food. I mean love it and when I began my weight loss journey I feared I'd have to give up good tasting food in exchange for dull, dry, "healthy" dishes.

    I could've been more wrong. With a little research I found amazing dishes that were simple and easy to cook (and I'm no chef). It started with a dish called Grilled Chicken Cutlets With Summer Succotash (less than 10 to be exact and less than 400 calories per serving)

    Place a grill pan over high heat. Season 4 thin chicken cutlets (about 1 pound total) with 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper. Grill until cooked through (about 3-4 minutes), turning once. Meanwhile, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high.

    Add in 1 cup frozen baby lima beans, thawed; 1/2 cup corn; and 1 pint grape tomatoes. Cook, tossing occasionally, until tomatoes burst (about 3-4 minutes). Stir in 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan and 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves, torn. Pair each portion with lemon wedges and a 100-calorie whole-wheat roll.

    Now the above dish will be total new to a lot of you and that's okay, because in the next email I'll suggest a rice dish that will not only make your taste buds go wild, but it'll be a breeze for even those who seem to struggle to boil water.

    If you can't wait until then, you can check out a recipe specifically for metabolism boosting dishes made just for those wanting to burn fat...and don't worry they too are quick and easy. You can find the recipes here, [your website here].

    Ok I have to run out and get a few ingredients for dinner. Talk soon.

    Subject: Carbs anyone?

    Carbohydrates are super conversely, but like i mentioned before all food groups are important to accomplishing your weight loss goals. That's why i'm dedicating this next recipe to all you carb lovers that appreciate the great taste of rice.

    Fried brown rice with edamame is a delicious dish that provides only 400 calories per servicing and give a variety of foods and spices to give it a unique taste any food lover can appreciate. Ingredients include a mixture of brown rice, eggs, reduced-sodium soy sauce, sriracha (garlic-chile sauce), coleslaw mix, edamame, cilantro, peanuts, salad greens, ginger-sesame vinaigrette.

    Sounds yummy right?

    Now i'm not sure about you, but i'm officially hungry. Talking about food always gets me hungry and when i want something good to eat that's quick and easy, i run to the internet to find it. Sadly i usually end up wasting time. Avoid making the same mistake by accessing this all-in-one resource for great, quick, fat burning recipes from [your website here].

    Now i have a confession. I know we've been talking about perfecting our diets and foods and recipes that help make it all possible, but let's get real. Sometimes we tend to fall off our changing diets, what then? Well i'll tell you in the next email, so stay tuned.

    Subject: You ever feel like a cheating on your diet?

    Today I'm cheating.

    No, not on a person, but on the change in my diet and guess what? That's okay.

    While some weight loss gurus really forbid the cheat day, I think it can help people stay on track. It gives us something to look forward to, something like a reward.

    Like all rewards though, it loses its effectiveness if given too often. You don't want
    a cheat day every week. I'd suggest once month, maybe twice. I, however personally try to hold off for every 2 months. And no...I don't get mad when I fall short. I forgive myself and get back on track.

    Now a cheat day doesn't mean to go totally crazy. Don't sit around and eat loads of junk food on a cheat day and neglect being active. You also don't have to cheat with every meal. Maybe you'll have a "not so healthy" breakfast and back on track with lunch, snacks, and dinner. Maybe you'll allow yourself a desert. Whatever your choice just be sure that it doesn't consume your day's intake.

    I strongly suggests cheat days be planned around holidays if possible. This will help me avoid sneaking in an extra cheat day because "it's a holiday!"

    Lastly, make sure you don't extend a cheat day into cheat days, or even worse, a cheat week! Be respectful of the progress you've made and will continue to make. And if push comes to shove, remember there are delicious simple meals that may feel like you're cheating, because they're so delicious. Check out the amazing recipes from [link to your website].

    In the next email I'm going to show you how to make it through the holidays which seem to feature the meals with the most calories.

    Subject: How holidays affect your weight

    So, once the holiday dinner is finished and the dishes are cleared, then comes the guilt of consuming either a large amount of food or a high calorie intake of food (or both). Christmas seems to be the worse, because it's the time right before New Years where most people set their resolutions for next year. Sadly many of these resolutions don't go further than January.

    The point however isn't not to make you feel bad, it's to make you aware that your end goal is always affected by your current actions and keeping this in mind before and during the holidays is what will keep you on a straight path to completing your weight loss goals.

    Firstly, be clear about what you want for after the holiday is over. How would eating two plates affect your goal of losing 10 pounds the following month? How much will eating two plates and dessert set you back?

    If you eat a bit too much or too many foods you know aren't good for you, forgive yourself and move forward. Maybe pass up the seconds or leftovers. Enjoy your meal more slowly so that you don't overeat. Substitute some side dishes with your own dishes that you know are better for you.

    You don't have to totally neglect the holiday experience just to keep the holiday spirit up. Just keep in mind what you're eating and how it'll affect not only the future progress you'll make, but the progress you've already worked so hard to accomplish.

    Okay, I'm done being hard on you and I'm off to the grocery store to pick up one thing and one thing only. It's a bean that Dr. Oz (yes the famous respected doctor that has his own show) suggests to those who are serious about weight loss. I'll share with you in the next email...I hope I can find it in stores.

    Subject: Dr. Oz was right!

    The last time I emailed, I was off to the store to get a bean that Dr. Oz raves about...the green coffee bean. Sadly, it was difficult to find in stores, so I hoped on line. I went to three stores and before leaving the third store a lady comes running after me yelling, "Wait!"
    I won't lie, I was scared. The lady caught up to me huffing and puffing and asks me if I was looking for green coffee beans. I kindly confirmed her thoughts and she told me a little health shop I may have luck with. I thanked her and before I could continue my walk to my car, she asks if I'd like to see pictures of her.

    Now this was getting weird. I didn't know this woman and yet she wanted to show me pictures of her. I think she noticed the confused look on my face and she starts to explain how she's been using green coffee beans for months and lost a total of 40 pounds. She should me the pictures in her phone and I have one word to describe!
    This woman looked absolutely amazing. I congratulated her and continued to the health store she suggested. Sadly, they too were of no help. The clerk did however hand me a flyer with a site he claims many of their customers were getting the beans from. He also stated that since Dr. Oz has claimed green coffee beans as the miracle substance they couldn't' keep them in stock.


    So today I got my green coffee beans and I already feel a difference. If you want to learn more about these powerful beans then visit [your site or some other source]. These powerful fat burning beans will make any diet and exercise regiment 10x more powerful.

    So see what Dr. Oz is raving about. In the next email, I'm going to share with you something I struggled with heavily when I first began to lose weight and odds are you're the same.

    So until next time...

    Subject: Motivation and weight loss

    When I first started to lose weight it became harder and harder to stay motivated. There were so many times where I asked myself, why I was depriving myself of foods I once loved and portions that seemed to tease me more than anything.

    Even worse is I began to feel I'd never reach my weight loss goals. I was losing too slow and I felt cheated at times. All the time, hard work, and energy I put into losing weight and I only lost what felt like a few pounds.

    I was hurt and disappointed with my body. I wanted to turn against it.

    You ever feel this way? Would you like to avoid feeling this way in the future?

    From my experience the best way to stay motivated is by reading and seeing success stories from others on their journeys. I'm not sure why, but there is something very powerful about hearing about success from someone who was in the same position as you.

    It makes it seem...possible, which is the opposite of how I was feeling on days were I couldn't get motivated and felt like giving up. It's nice to know you aren't alone in the struggle to lose weight, which is why I subscribe to so some weight loss blogs to remained not only informed, but motivated.

    Which leads me to a confession...the reason why I write you these emails. I know how hard it can be to lose weight and I understand that it's not as simple as exercising and eating the right amounts of foods and the right combinations of those foods.

    Though hard, losing weight is more than possible and it's important you remember that. That's why it's important to track your progression and know that you are making a difference in not only your weight, but overall health.

    The next email I'm totally spilling the beans on how to effectively track your weight loss so be prepared.

    Subject: How often do you check your results?

    I know most of us hate standing on a scale, but numbers don't lie. The scale tracks how much weight you've lost, but not how many inches. It also doesn't tell you how much muscles you've gained. Sadly the scale won't tell you how much better your pants fit you. Nope, sadly the scale doesn't do or show these things, so that's why it's important to know how to track your progress yourself.

    I suggest you get a pair of pants, possible a complete outfit that so you can feel the progress. Where are those jeans you haven't wore since high school? Use them to measure your progress. Maybe this week you can't get it past your knees, maybe in a few months you can get them past your knees and to your thighs...see how this works?

    To track your progress use a tape measure and a mirror. Take pictures and log in inches on the particular date they exist. I know it sounds weird, but not only can you feel the change, but you'll be able to see the change, which in turn keeps you motivated to stay on track, lose more weight and ultimately maintain that lost.

    Subject: 7 things you should know about losing weight

    I talk a lot about the different aspects of weight loss. We've discussed exercising, tools to help increase the impact of those exercises, eating healthy, and the mindset that can make or break you. So today I'm going to share more randomly. If I had to pinpoint 7 things that everyone know matter their reason for wanting to lose weight, no matter the resources they have access to, no matter their gender, activity level, ANYTHING, the following would be it.
    1. Drink water. Drinking water cleans out toxins in your body, serves as a natural way to suppress your appetite, and reduces bloating.

    2. Track your progress. Know the numbers of your weight and measurements and note them over a period of time to properly track your progress.

    3. Talk to a doctor or other medical professional. Someone with the medical knowledge and training so many of us lack can be used as leverage in completing your weight loss goals. A medical professional may also catch patterns and signs of issues that may cause you to lose weight in a way that does damage to your body.

    4. Stretch. Give your body the flexibility to properly stay active. A lot of us don't like to exercise because it hurts. Learning how to properly stretch and prepare for a work out will reduce pain and injuries.

    5. Lose slow and steady versus fast. You didn't just wake up with additional weight (though it sometimes seems that way), so know that it'll take time to lose and properly keep off that weight.

    6. Know that muscle weighs more. If you're not losing weight but you feel yourself slimming, know that it could be because you're starting to gain muscles, which is tighter than fat, but it does weigh more.

    7. Include cardio exercises. Walking, jogging, running, anything that raises your heart rate for a sustained amount of time is crucial to your weight loss success.

    So keep these 7 things in mind no matter what the weight loss goal and you'll be way on your way to making it happen.

    Subjects: Supplements

    So many of us seek short cuts to losing weight and the truth is, there are none.

    However there are tools and resources that will aid to what we have already been told and proven to work, such as good old exercising and dieting.

    Supplements or diet pills have been an over-used and abused resource for decades. If you're going to use supplements, you'll want to know which ones serve to be of more use than others.

    The idea supplement has of course been tested...not on lab rats, but real people, with real weight loss issues. The other factor to take into consideration is the amount of man-made substance in the supplement. In other words it this 100% natural in its ingredients or all manufactured.

    You'll also want to consider if it is said to burn fat or prevent the build up in the first place. Preferably you want to look for supplements that prevent build up so that the work you've already put into losing weight continues and you're not simply depending on a supplement to do the work for you (which will not happen).

    Now I don't talk too much about diet pills, because with all the pills on the market it's hard to weed the good ones using the above criteria, but don't worry I've made your job a bit easier, because I'm suggesting you start with supplements with Garcinia Cambongia. It helps you to control your appetite, it's natural, and it prevents fatty build up.

    To learn more about Garcinia Cambongia you'll want visit [your affiliate link here] and see just how powerful this all natural supplement is.

    Gathering and Building the Email List
    As important as it is to be able to manage subscribers and effectively send email, it does little good if there's no one to send to. Below are just a few ways successful merchants have built their lists in the past. Merchants should remember that there are not set rules for building their lists as long as it remains ethical and effective. With proper testing and analyzing, merchants can easily find creative and effective ways to build their lists that are unique to their company and brand.

    Put sign up forms on site and give an incentive. Incentives are what subscribers get for signing up and confirming their request. Incentives can be anything as simple as updates or as rewarding as subscriber only discounts, videos, tips, eBooks, software, etc.

    Email swaps involve two parties that agree to mail each other's lists on behalf of the other. Ideally each party should have a similar audience with a similar open and/or click through rate. Email swaps should serve as a win-win transaction for all parties involved.

    Purchase solo ads or sponsored emails in order to expand brand awareness to targeted subscribers of others. It's the fastest way to build a targeted list, because a small investment can get a new brand, product, and/or service to those who are most likely to respond based on their interests.

    Being a guest blogger not only invites new subscribers to join new email lists, but it also gives the merchant a chance to build themselves as an authority figure in their market.

    Guest Podcasting allows a merchant to become more real in the eyes of current and future customers, while still represent themselves and/or their brand. It also serves as a great way to build authority between listeners.

    Start a blog and control content shared on the site and strategically place the opt in forms used to build the subscriber list within the site. Popular tools can be used in combinations with these opt in forms to increase the amount of people who subscribe.

    Webinars, tele-seminars, and other virtual live trainings can serve as a great platform for both collecting new subscribers and as incentives for those contemplating joining. Much like guest blogging and podcasting, virtual live trainings help build the authority needed for growth of any merchant and brand.

    Pay-per-lead marketing allows a merchant to pay others who are experienced to do the hard work of finding effective ways of marketing and building a subscriber list, which if left to do alone may result in a merchant possibly wasting time and money.

    Ask subscribers to share with others and give your lists a viral chance of growth. Include social media tools within emails and at the end of emails simply ask readers to share by forwarding to friends that may be interested. Making emails go viral becomes easier when a merchant simply asks for the help of those who already read and trust them.

    Tease on blogs, sites, or social media profiles. Give readers a sneak peak of what they can expect once they sign up and invite them to do so.

    Run a contest or raffle and open to subscribers only so that those interested must subscribe to participate.

    No matter how a merchant builds their list, following set rules made in play for merchants who decide to use email marketing must be followed to ensure full compliance. Each country may have its own laws and regulations for sending commercial e-mail and it may be difficult to stay updated with them all. It is highly recommended all merchants follow CAN-SPAM Act (established by Unites States) at a minimum level.

    The United States CAN-SPAM Act implies that marketers:
    1. Don't use false or misleading header information
    2. Don't use false or misleading subject line
    3. Treat the message as a separate advertisement
    4. Tell the recipients sender identification and location
    5. Inform the users how to unsubscribe from the email alerts
    6. Honor opted out users and don not send them any emails thereafter

    By complying to rules and regulations, you can ensure that you can send commercial e-mails to customers without any complaints, law suits, and overall unsatisfied readers.

    Blacklist and Spam
    Emails can be blacklisted otherwise known as being put as a list that includes commonly known to be associated with malicious activity and are blocked from being sent. Blacklists contain lists of domains URLs, email addresses, and IP addresses. Sadly, there may be legit email addresses, domains, and IP addresses that the provider has entered into blacklist. The quickies way to land on the blacklist is to disobey spam compliance policies and be reported to be spam by multiple recipients.

    Spam is considered an email which sent to a user who has not opted-in or given permission to the sender. There are times where the subscriber will have opted-in or given permission, but due to poor communication on behalf of the sender, they have forgotten. That's why it is crucial the merchant stay constant with their communication, use a double opt-in option, and only give content that is related to what the subscriber initially signed up to receive.

    If a merchant is disappointed in the results of their email marketing efforts, consider this:

    About 30% of email addresses change each year. A merchant could is likely to have a subscriber base full of email addresses that are no longer being accessed.

    Some people will not double opt in. The extra step taken to ensure that all compliances are met can sometimes work against the merchant. There are many that subscribe to an email lists and never open and take action on the first email to confirm their request.

    Too much focus on sustaining and not enough on build. Many merchants make the mistake of worrying about who is leaving and not enough focus on ensuring new blood enters the list. There will always be people who lose interests in either the emails being sent or simply the subject of the emails, but there are always more people have not had the pleasure of accessing the information a merchant shares via their lists and those people should not be neglected.


    Email marketing can be a wonderful and affordable way for any merchant to effective stay connected and engaged with past and future customers. Keeping in mind all this guide details along with the in-depth examples, will ensure a healthy start to profiting and progressing using email marketing.

    Please read

    The images used in the above posts are copyrighted by their respective owners. The entire text is copyrighted by us. Please donot reproduce or include any parts of it on your website, blog, ebook or elsewhere without prior permission.

    Lastly, I love writing such guides and if the response is good, I will make an earnest effort to be regular with such guides for my fellow warriors.

    I would be happy to answer any questions that you guys may have regarding this.

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      I want it for a friend, if you cand send it to me, that would be great
      Originally Posted by Luke Dennison View Post

      Awesome post, thanks a lot! Also, post the link to the PDF download here please.
      Thanks for the good words guys. PMed you the link to the PDF. Hope you find it useful.
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    You can collect literally millions of emails, but if you fail to learn how to implement a well thought out system you will not succeed !

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    With a nice and very helpful, the mold and cherish!

    Moderators Note: Affiliate links are not allowed as signatures.

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      To the OP thanks for this abundance of solid information. Its good for the Newb and a decent refresher for the Experienced !!

      A great addition to the Email Marketing Forum

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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      What a statement you made here.....

      Seeing that Matt added a new sub-forum out there for Emailers - I thought I'd write a detailed list that highlights everything there is to know about email marketing. I have been working on this for a little over 20 days now. It is over 10,000 words and is really detailed

      I would say on the Cake of Email Marketing that was only the frosting!

      However it was delicious thanks!.

      We all have out different styles, perceptions, and personal experiences in marketing.

      If I were to write some content on the subject of email marketing it may include the words importing, exporting, transferring from one provider to another and losing subscribers, how do people get your email address and the topic of scrapers much to cover so little time but I really like your style my friend please keep up the great work.

      If you do put this in PDF form do not forget to add it to all the file sharing websites with a link back to your main site to.................capture some email addresses.
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    I prefer videos and actionable steps, but all this is still very helpful.

    Thanks For the info.
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    Business Funnels -

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    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value - Albert Einstein

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    Especially fo the list of words that trigget spam filtres. Very useful.
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