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Hi guys,

Alright, I'm very close to getting into the whole selling CB products but not without a squeeze page and email followup system.

Here are the details I seem to be missing. And I can better explain them with a fictitious scenario.

Product: Newspaper
Product's website:
My FB ad:
Name of a user who clicks the ad: John Smith

My FB ad says "To get newspaper delivered to you daily at 50c per day, click here!". The user lands on and sees the benefits of the newspaper, why it's good, etc.

Then it would say "Put your email and name so you can purchase this service". Once that happens, upon form submission, user gets redirected to to begin purchase. He might also see more information about newspaper on that page, perhaps even redundant and then he signs up.

Phase #1 complete (but feel free to correct if my understanding is flawed)
Phase #2 is where my issue is.

Every thread says, get customer details so you can promote other products to your list. How can I do that unless I'm a brand myself? Like where everyone knows Shoe and if one day he sends lawncare products and next day he sends skincare products to his list - it doesn't matter because it's coming from Shoe. Not from or

So, using my example, in the future my email followups are going to come from: where I'm going to continue talking about why Newspaper is a good thing so they can click and go back to the same page to complete purchase This is assuming I am sending the email to the segmented users who did not purchase from which at this point I'm not sure if I will ever have that data lol

All is well.
But then, how can I promote other products to this list that signed up specifically for Newspaper?
  • Does it mean I can promote niche-specific, like Newspaper related products only?
  • And does it mean I have to build a "brand" for every niche so I can promote only niche-specific products?
  • I do not want to make my name like Shoe, so how do people make a generic brand to peddle different products, or do they not?

Maybe I am dying to see an example of what this all connects as, or maybe one of you experienced guys can say something.
I hope I'm clear and I really wish I can get this help.

PS: If you would like to see the background thread to all this, here it is.
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    Honestly, I wouldn't even worry about getting a name, just get the email. The money you make from any list is on the back end, anyway. You'll also be able to offer different info/ offers in case you can't sell him on "newspaper". Just my two cents.

    Your email sign up should get him a freebie of some sort of value, a free issue ot report or something. Some thing that's more valuable to get on his end than the sanctity of his email address.

    If he buys later in the selling process, get him to submit his email again to get access to his product. That sign up will go to a seperate "buyers" list. Those are your BEST customers, because you know they spend money.
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    Thanks yragcom!
    So, the flowseems correct, but what about where my emails go from?
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