The Best Email Marketing Services?

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What are the best paid email marketing services?I appreciate your help. Thanks.

1. MailChimp
2. iContact
3. GetResponse
4. AWeber
5. Others
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      There is no direct answer to your question. They all have their pros and cons. Which is 'best' will depend on which of the features included or omitted are most important to your own particular requirements.

      Additionally, everyone is going to tell you that the one they use is the best, with total disregard for your particular needs. Now, really - how 'helpful' is that? :-)

      Cheers. - Frank

      P.S. Most have free trials or levels of service. They do that for a reason, the reason being so you can sample them and make up your own mind, based on first-hand experience. Knowledge is power!
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    Originally Posted by Justin Ford View Post

    What are the best paid email marketing services?I appreciate your help. Thanks.

    1. MailChimp
    2. iContact
    3. GetResponse
    4. AWeber
    5. Others
    BigFrank makes an excellent point - the best email marketing platform for you and your business depends on your specific needs, budget, and resources. I'd suggest signing up for software demonstrations with each potential platform once you've narrowed down what you're exactly looking for in a platform and go from there. Hope that helps!
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    I have used both GR and AW. I prefer GR however I still keep my AW account open as a back up. You really have to go with what works for you and your business.
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    awaber is the best to not spam mail
    mailchimp is free under 2000 subscriber.

    Getresponse offer a low cost service and offer almost the same awaber quality.

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    I use GetResponse but I'm not entirely sure how useful that is to know for yourself. You can also use the forum search feature, and you'll get a lot of answers from many similar threads.
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    Originally Posted by Justin Ford View Post

    What are the best paid email marketing services?I appreciate your help. Thanks.

    1. MailChimp
    2. iContact
    3. GetResponse
    4. AWeber
    5. Others
    I like

    Because you can create landing pages + autoresponders

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    What's the best? The answer depends on your needs.

    I use Mailchimp. It's good for me. Mailchimp offer a free version and it allows you to send 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers within a month.

    It's is good Email marketing solution for beginners.
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    I personally use Mailchimp and am pretty pleased. It is easy to work with!
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    It goes without saying that GetResponse is the best one.
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      Originally Posted by neurion View Post

      It goes without saying that GetResponse is the best one.
      Direct from the 'Voice of Authority.' lol

      Cheers. - Frank
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    I have always used Aweber, no problems at all!
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    Thank you all for the input. It has been of great help.
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    Im using aweber,, and there are no problem until today. maybe this help you to select the email service.
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    The best will depend on your needs. I personally use Mailchimp and am pretty pleased.

    Mailchimp allows to send 12000 email to 2000 subscribers for free within a month.

    Did you try with it.
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    I use Mailchimp. It's good for me. It's is good Email marketing solution for beginners.

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    base on your selection i will choose aweber. but i recommend you should give a try to infusionsoft. best email service software of all time
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    BigFrank gave you the best advice so far. It all depends on what you need to do, these are some features that can help you discriminate:

    - Volumes you send (list size, frequency)
    - Quality of your list (how are you building it)

    - Niche / what and how you'll be selling
    - Reporting, which information you need ? Can you easily export and organise the reports in the way that best fits your needs?

    - AB testing: to what extent it's possible? How can you track and evaluate? Can you track over time or you have access only to limited information?

    - Can you directly access SMTP responses?
    - Deliverability on your most popular domains (can be tricky to evaluate), access to instruments to monitor the status of your IPs (IF you have private IPs)

    - Quality of support (tricky, again)
    - Automation: what level of complexity is allowed? Can you append filters to automated programs? Can a program trigger another program? What conditions can you use?

    - Conditional content: is it possible to use it? Do you need it?
    - What level of control do you have on forms? And on the confirmation emails? Can you easily implement preference centres?
    - Do they offer an API? What functions does it offer?

    - how are opt out managed? Can you keep lists separated easily and still analyze easily lists overlaps?

    - Can you have a dedicated ip? Would that be a good solution for you?

    And much more, it all comes down to your necessities. Someone mentioned tools to create and host landing pages, I have no interest in such service (I would rather consider it a warning sign: that ESP is likely to focus on small senders that follow certain practices).

    There are many reputable services only seldom mentioned on this forum. Try to have first hand experience.
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    I would recommend checking out Sendlane as well. It doesn't have all the of the integration specks but it was designed specifically for Internet Marketers. I use it a lot to create squeeze pages.

    Nate Landau

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    We use MailChimp / Mandrill for Upshare and love it (switched from Ontraport, which we hated with a passion).

    A few friends of mine, including Mattan Griffel from OneMonth, just switched to Hubspot - and while the migration takes some man hours, it can give you more control and clarity.

    I'd recommend one or the other - the former if you're more basic, the latter if you're at $1m ARR+
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    Think of it this way... and email service provider is just a vehicle and you're the driver. So when you ask what's the best one, each driver is going to most likely give their opinion based on what they are most comfortable driving.

    Secondly, it all depends on what you want to do. Are you just doing auto-responders, do you want to send out to your entire list regularly? Do you want drip email campaigns? There are so many options... Mail Chimp, GetResponse, PinPointe is for beginners and solutions like Eloqua, Responsys, and Silverpop are for true pros.

    Some drivers drive Honda's while others drive Ferrari's, and others drive Ford Trucks... all depends what you're looking to accomplish.

    Best thing to do... start with a plan of what you want this email service provider to do for you, then look for the solution that fits your application best. Then work to becoming the best driver you can.
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    To me Aweber is KING , GetResponse puts up a good match but it's still comes in 2nd Just my thoughts.
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    I personally use GetResponse for simple marketing to my less responsive list segments.

    My main email marketing system is Ontraport. The rules, automation, etc. is awesome!
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    I love Getresponse.. very user-friendly, more affordable than Aweber, and great for the internet marketing niche because they're a little more lenient than Aweber (in my opinion)

    Getresponse also launched something cool where they give you a free 30-day video training series to get your first 1000 subscribers. I already had a 1000 subscribers coming into it, but I watched some of the videos and still valuable content nonetheless.
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    Well, my migration from one email provider to other happened with improving ROI on email marketing. And, even today we are driving huge ROI from email marketing, because, we controlled the cost according to follow:
    Used MailChimp when we had 5,000 email subscribers.
    Then, shifted to Ariticmail when we had more than 10,000 email subscribers.
    Finally when we have more than 120,000 email subscribers we are using EasySendy, which is self hosted solution.
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    I think you use Aweber for good result. use and enjoy more.
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    Best email marketing service?

    Hm, I will have to go with the Active Campaign.

    I've recently had issues with email provider bouncing all emails from me. Active Campaign took an initiative and contacted them on my behalf which resulted in the bouncing being lifted off.

    I rarely say it, but I was blown away by how they went an extra mile to resolve my issue.

    Don't get me wrong GetResponse and Aweber have also good support, but they will not go an extra mile to help you.

    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value - Albert Einstein

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    I've tested Aweber, Getresponse and MailChimp so far.

    With Mailchimp you can't disable double opt-in , and also I didn't like their opt-in page builder.

    Between Aweber and Getresponse I like GR more, probably it's a matter of a personal choice , as both companies offer pretty much the same services for about the same price.

    There are some not so well known services like Active Campaign you might want to take a look at
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      I have used Aweber for over 10 years with no problems. Since an autoresponder is on of the most important Internet marketing tools you do not want to skim on costs here. Aweber does a great job at a reasonable price.
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    Mailchimp without any doubt is the best one! Fear price, functionality and reliability
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    For me i still choose Aweber. because the software's features include more than 700 free templates, a drag-and-drop email editor, list segmentation, contact management tools, email marketing tracking and autoresponders.
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    It doesn't matter, what answers you've got, the best autoresponder is Aweber. It's recommended by most internet marketers and there is a good reason for that.
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    Without any doubt e-mail marketing is a reality of digital sales. Today this sphere is developing incredibly quick. Answering your question, I should say that you should pick Mailchimp - awesome, dynamically developing software.
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    Sendy is awesome! Saves so much $$. I'd love to be using infusionsoft for a few things but, for now happy with Sendy and Amazon SES
    "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy (or Gal) who'll decide where to go" ~ Dr. Seuss

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  • Yeah Justin.. no fixed answer. we can only share our expiriences. I started my fashion online store 2 months back. Googling the best email marketing services found the same 5 you listed above. However after reading, asking for and reseaching more I tried a relatively new one called Ariticmail. I haad a lot of questions, but they had free plans for me to try wether it goes well or not. that was a relief. Also further they made it simple and easy for me to understand and follow. They have a huge range of advance autoresonders, all my emails sent via them have been opened, I could customize my pages to the extent I wanted, fearing they might block it, but they They are great for large volume email subscribers as well becoz I had already a lot of patrons and prospects gathered over years, they have very economical priced plans as well. All n all I am quite happy with them since 2 months. Maybe you can consider Ariticmail as an option as well. Thanx
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