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by najo10
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I'm looking for advice on finding good recurring affiliate offers.Things like best sources, what to look for in an offer, ongoing support from the affiliate and minimize chances of a refund. What things should I be on the look out for?
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    I used to like clickbank...
    But now I'm a big fan of JVZoo

    I believe you can find a residual affiliate income from programs on JV zoo

    Some programs don't belong anywhere and you have to sign up to their affiliates in house...

    The reason I'm not saying any particular names of programs is because every market is different and it really depends what your crowd is looking for...

    Even if you say they are in Internet marketing. That's not enough...

    If you say ages: 25 males after college, beginners in marketing, looking to start their online business...
    Now we are talking.... It's more specific, isn't it?
    Then, go and find what will suit this market and promote programs like that

    It is still internet marketing... but Marketing could be anything PPC, PPV, List building, Free traffic, etc

    Anyway I hope this help, wish you luck!

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    You should focus on Product/Market Fit.

    Stop worrying about how much "money" you're making ... and solve people's problems.
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      Originally Posted by TheNewJames View Post

      You should focus on Product/Market Fit.

      Stop worrying about how much "money" you're making ... and solve people's problems.
      I was about to say the same thing.

      Anyways, don't care about the money and simply look for a product that will genuinly help people out. From my experience the less you care about the money the more money you end up making.
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    If you go to clickbank you can easily filter your search to get recurring commissions if this is what you are looking for. However, as a marketer you should look who is behind the scenes and whether he or she has a good reputation or not. You must definitely do your homework before thinking about money as scam offers abound these days.
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    It is very much relative to the market and your audience.

    There are plenty of different affiliate programs for each market.

    The first place to search is easily Clickbank. However this is for if you are looking for a very immediate place to find recurring affiliate offers. Not necessarily the best products tailored to your audience.
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