Best Days and Time for Emailing your List

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What are the most successful combination of Days and Time to get the highest rate of views and click through for ones email marketing campaign newsletters?
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    It really depends... My client that owns an online store their best time is Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon...

    But consider the demographics. For example: my client has women over 30+

    Try to fund a targeted crowd

    Hope this helps

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    I think these are working days, not the weekends exactly. And as far as time is concerned I think it's morning.
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    Wednesday till Friday morning work best for my list, usually I send at 11 am.

    Find out what time and day work best for your list. I think my combination may not applicable to all lists.
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    It really depends on your own list - what day and time works for some may not work for others. The best way to determine which day generates the highest opens and CTR is to test! Look at past data, make some educated assumptions and set up a series of emails to test. With those results you'll gain some credible insight. Hope that helps!
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      In a lot of my Lists, I find getting the email out earlier in the morning before 9am or so works effective.

      It seems to be consistently higher open rates over time for me at least

      - Robert Andrew

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    Tuesday seems to be the best day to send a newsletter (26%), , followed by Wednesday (23%) and Thursday (18%).
    This is te result of a survay, of course it depend on contents of your mail and target of your subscribers.
    YOu should do some test!!

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  • It's something you have to test.

    For my own lists, from a lot of my own testing, every day works best and people buy more at night than they do in the morning.

    If you're consistent with your emails, and not launching, yesterdays email could be the one that makes someone buy in today's email, and so on. No one email is an island.

    By the way: opens mean jack when it comes to shifting products. Targeted opens are always going to be lower, but get higher sales.

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    With my testing I get the best results early in the am (around 630 am) and in the evening (around 730am). You really have to test the different times though because what might work for one might not work for all.
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    It depends on your targeted clients but you need to consider number of times email you want to send in a day. If it is twice then most preferably once in morning timings 8-9 AM and 3-4 PM EST Monday - Friday or if it is once in a day you would set for your email to go in between 9AM-12PM EST Monday - Friday. You can decide upon your timing based on timezone.

    However I would say you should just send out eamil once in a day MAX with a gap of 2 or 3 days.

    Hope this will bring little information for you to help out.

    Harold Wise
    Internet Marketer

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    Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

    What are the most successful combination of Days and Time to get the highest rate of views and click through for ones email marketing campaign newsletters?
    The best days and time would be Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
    The reason Saturday, Sunday are weekends so people tend to relax and so they aren't that active on the internet.

    And Monday is when people rush back to work so they generally don't pay attention to anything other than their regular work.

    The time:
    The goal is to make sure your e-mail is as fresh as possible, so when they open their inbox, your mail doesn't get buried underneath all other messages .

    So the ideal time would be the office lunch time or the break (1pm to 2pm) when they are relaxed and more likely to read your mail rather than just browse thru other similar messages.

    And that's my suggestion , but you should keep on experimenting with different times and days and see which ones get more clicks and opens , b'cuz your list will be different than others.
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      i think depend on you what country u sent mail and what times that country working time is more comfortable emailing any one online person see your mail and response u
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      • I manage a medium sized list (500K+) active subscribers. As a whole the best days to send and optimize opens were Wed - Thurs. however, as many of the comments have pointed out what's good for the list as a whole may very well not be good for each segment. We began testing Send Time Optimization (STO) through our email service provider and tested away from single time stamp deliveries. We found it often lifted open rates (10% - 15%). The downside was that it took a solid 24 hour period to fully deploy the entire campaign and get reporting back. Might want to ask your ESP about STO capabilities.
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    You have to find out your numbers for your niche man, there is no generic rule of thumb in this field, Digitalmarketer had some great insights on it btw..
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      I find that Monday early in the morning before 7am EST time works the best.

      Hope it helps!

      Definitely not during the weekend because traffic is generally slow on those days.
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    Monday early, before 9am, Tuesday - Thursday, 1:30 local time Saturday mid morning, around 11am.

    But the real question is... What is the best time for YOUR list.

    YOU can only figure this out through testing... We've sent several hundred emails over 6+ years and this is how we know what works for us.

    But for you?

    Well... Your audience could be totally different!
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