CTR? Optin rates? Open Rates? Conversion Rates?

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I was reading an article from mailchimp, and they show the average email open rate is 20% and the average click through rate is 3%. I was also reading that well optimized blogs can convert 4% of their visitors into email subscribers.

By this math.. if you had 100,000 visitors/month > That could convert to 4000 email subscribers > 800 of them would open your emails> But just 24 would actually click through to the offer/link?

Then, out of those 24 maybe a few would purchase. This seems way too low to me.

I understand I'm just looking at hard numbers here and that relationship building could increase those numbers greatly.

I'm just curious if there is any truth to these numbers at all.
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    I don't think they mean 3% click out of the 20% that open. I'm sure they mean 3% overall.

    Just from personal experience I've never really had less than a 60% click through rate for people who actually opened up the email. Usually I get a minimum of 10% up to 35% of my list opening email depending on the swipe title.

    So at 4,000 subs if you get 35% to open which is 1400 then you hit the minimum of 60% click through rate, you'll have at least 800 people see your offer. So... 8% is better than 3%.

    Hope that helps.

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    A squeeze page should convert better than 4%. Ideally, closer to 25% ... maybe better.

    so 100,000 to 25,000 subscribers.

    3% click through rate ... per email sent (25,000 * 3%) = 750ish people click through to your sales page per email sent ... not 24.

    Maybe that 4% number was PURCHASE conversion rate ... not opt-in conversion rate. 4% would be VERY low for opt-in conversion.
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      Originally Posted by TheNewJames View Post

      A squeeze page should convert better than 4%. Ideally, closer to 25% ... maybe better.
      Hey James,
      I really shoot more towards 40% for a Squeeze Page. Particularly Solo Ads.

      25% is relatively low in MMO Niche. In non- mmo Niche it is acceptable and in venues like Article marketing with an optin box on a Site it is also acceptable

      - Robert Andrew
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    The CTR percentage you're referring to refers to your list size as a whole.

    For example:

    If you have 10,000 subscribers, you can expect about 100 clicks.

    Lists that are "fresh", or have been replenished with new leads recently, can have a CTR as high as 4%.

    But 1% or 2% tends to be about average.

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    Yea that seems a little better haha.

    Thanks guys, I like seeing the hard numbers so I know where to set my goals.
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