Anyone knows of an email provider that allows single opt-in?

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I am having an issue with finding an Email Service Provider who will email to our list and I am hoping to get some recommendations on who we can use. We have a list of approx 50,000 customers who purchased products from us. I wish to email these customers with new special offers we may have, etc. None of these customers "double opted-in" to our list and that's where the issue is. The US based ESP's won't allow us to send to our database as they are not double opted-in, even though they are ALL actual customers who have purchased from us.

Can anyone recommend an ESP that does not require double opt-in. I believe a NON-US based ESP is probably the best.

Please let me know your recommendations

Thank you,
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    "GetResponse" allows you to have a single or double optin
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    You can directly import your subscribers in getresponse with out any optin. But you need to have quality list, otherwise your account reputation goes down.

    1. get your list cleaned and remove any spam traps.
    2. then upload your cleaned subs to getresponse and check their response.

    At present aweber also allowing direct import without any confirmation... please confir first with support
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    Use mailchimp or aweber for this
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    Get GetResponse and be done.
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    the best autoresponder offering this alternatives are:

    also getresponse nut im not sure....!

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    Most Autoresponders allow single-optin ... they just default to double.

    Tho, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign allow single ... if you're desiring names of companies.
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