10 Tips to Maximize Your Email Strategy Effectiveness

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Email Marketing isn’t Dead.

The average office employee receives about 80 emails per day, and it’s expected there will be more than 4.9 billion email accounts by 2017. With that kind of volume it’s suffice to say that email is a communication and marketing tool with great potential. However, in recent years, with the increase in junk email and spam, many are calling into question the use of email campaigns as an effective marketing strategy.

Contrary to what you may think, email marketing is far from dead. It remains a highly effective strategy and a core component of content marketing. It’s highly adaptive and flexible and it can be used to promote your business in a variety of ways.

One of the most effective ways of generating a profit online is cultivating an email list full of targeted, engaged subscribers. Marketers have understood it’s importance. Fundamentally, building an effective email list is a important component of any website’s marketing strategy.

A survey conducted by the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association revealed that 79% of respondents prefer to receive emails, more than any other medium.

Infogroup, a provider of business data and marketing solutions, offered 10 tips to help small businesses create successful email marketing campaigns:

01. Targeting:

To get the best response from an email campaign, make sure to segment your audience. This helps divide up your customers based on certain characteristics.

02. Clear and concise:

When sending out emails to current and potential customers, make sure the content is clear and concise. The offer should be prominent and easy to understand.

03. Call to action:

The emails need to have a call to action that is clear and obvious. Create a sense of urgency. An "offer end date" can help drive immediate action.

04. Responsive design:

It's critical that you create emails that look just as good when opened on a mobile device as on a Web browser. Responsive designs provide a better experience for each device on which the campaign is viewed.

05. Strong subject lines:

The subject line should entice the recipient to open the email and learn more, as well as promote a sense of urgency.

06. Short subject lines:

Limit subject lines to fewer than 50 characters. Longer subject lines can get cut off in the recipient's inbox.

How to Write Effective Email Subject Lines?

07. Landing pages:

Before you send out the emails, evaluate the campaign's landing page for effectiveness. The landing page should mimic the offer highlighted in the email and have the same look and feel.

08. Analytics:

To get the most out of the campaign, it is important to track it on multiple levels. Have mechanisms in place to track both sales and conversions generated from the campaign.

09. Multiple call-to-action mechanisms:

In addition to a landing page, provide a phone number as an alternative way for customers to respond.

10. Multiple touches:

Sending the same message multiple times will increase brand awareness and results. However, the subject line and creative content should be different each time the message is sent out.

To Conclude

Email marketing is far from dead. When done right, email marketing data and social data can be used to create high value and personalized messaging. This is sure to provide your company with great ROI and prove the potential still held by email campaigns.
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    Great post. Thank you for sharing it.

    Email marketing is still valid in this modern era but has evolved over time. The dinosaurs of the past have now become more agile and better adapted to meet the expectations of modern customer.

    Bombarding prospective clients with emails used to be a common practice till the spam button came into existence. But many of us don’t realize this. Spam filters have become more intelligent and can differentiate between spam and genuine stuff. You have a unique product to sell and your email must highlight the value it will provide to your customers. This means focusing on your customers rather than the product. Are you sending emails to the right people or are you simply bulk mailing? This is an important question to be answered.
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      Thanks for sharing this. I think many businesses focus too much on social media. Although it is useful, email can also be equally as useful. Great post!

      Content Creation and Publishing Design Specialist!

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    Thanks for sharing nice post. Really, It is very useful for Email Strategy Effectiveness.

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    Thanks for taking the efforts to share with others
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    Thanks for sharing these tips, very informative.
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    Great post. Thanks.
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      Thanks for sharing those valuable tips!
      After all it is these small tips here and there that make a difference!
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