How do you consistently add leads to your list?

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Hey everyone,

I build my list with product launches and fb ads here and there

However I was just wondering what do you guys do to add leads to your list?

I'm talking about IM niche leads and no solo ads as those leads are very low quality from my experience.

What do you all think?
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    Forum marketing is a great way to build trust and get leads also. IM niche leads are pretty much everywhere, on Twitter, on Udemy, etc... Focus on 1-2 sources, once you get a grip of them, move to new sources.
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    Have you been getting leads from your forum sig/squeeze page?

    If not, you may want to tweak/fix it a bit.
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    Originally Posted by KMCmarketing View Post

    no solo ads as those leads are very low quality from my experience.
    Solo ad traffic can be some of the BEST traffic you can get. Especially in the IM niche. Granted there is a lot of crap out there, but if you do your homework and find the right click seller from my experience solo ads are absolute gold.
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    Use Backpage ads. When making your headline
    consider what the viewer is looking for. Often
    times the headline will target who you want.

    I would track your ads even with classifieds.
    You'll get a good gauge of what cities are hot
    and at which times. Do not blitz BP with your
    ads at once. Space them out a few minutes.

    Not a bad place to get leads.

    Twitter RTs are also good but in the form
    of blog posts - not blatant squeeze pages.
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    There are many ways to build your list, however if you are looking for quick results paid traffic will be your best bet. Some examples can be : Solo Ads, Facebook PPC, Banner Ads etc. If you're looking to work for your traffic some examples can be : Forums, Blogging, Guest Blogging, Video Marketing, Guest Commenting to name a few. It comes down to time vs money. Why not do both? If you use paid ads just don't go broke in the process lol.
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