I recently got 600k student emails

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I have about 600k emails for all students that go to university's across the USA all the emails are .edu emails . Is there anything I can do with these ? I'm in the offline business and just stumbled across these. I'm also a newbie here
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    Well depends on how recent the list is and since they are .edu they have a life of about 1-4 years (maybe up to 7 years for those who take their sweet ole' time going through college).

    You could upload this list into Facebook ad manager and create an audience from it, then go find some offers that convert best with college students. Setup a campaign with ads to this audience and see what you get from it as for conversions.

    Importing it into an ESP and blasting out is probably not your best bet, unless this is a permission based opt-in list. If so, then develop a rapport and relationship with your list and start promoting stuff.

    There are a lot of possibilities. Read through the forums and generate some ideas yourself... you'll probably be more motivated to execute things you come up with than those that others present.
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    Do you receive these mails for generic reaons, surely not because they wanted to buy something.
    So your list is a very generic list.

    You should individualize/choose a niche and try to sell products in that list. Off course in a Online list.

    Another thing: they are student so they probably are interesting in "learning" niche!

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    If i were you, i would subscribe for an affiliate service with many job portals out there and you can refer and earn for each sign up to the portals.
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    How were you able to collect these email addresses ? If they are not opt in subscribers , they are useless.
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    What do you mean you just got them? You mean copied them from a database? I would stay away from anything funny... I mean you don't want to get in trouble...
    However if all of those people somehow signed up...let's say... Then I would find out what exactly their interest is and then sell them the product they really need...clickbank is full of all kinds of products..and the second one I would try is JVzoo.com

    Good luck with that!

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    You could create a course on Udemy and try to sell to students to sign up. The only issue is these students probably are in all sorts of different fields, so it would be hard. As mentioned above, the job portal conversions would probably be pretty high.
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    I personally wouldn'y email that list because you're just spamming basically because they don't know you and not sure how got them but the way it sounds, they have no idea who you are, so is again spamming. However...

    If was going to email this "list", would use another autoresponder (not your main company one), blast email to list throughout week with few offers, segment list and then import to your main email autoresponder service. Leave alone, maybe try same thing with remaining a couple times throughout time and then scrap.

    Now you don't have to worry about email autoresponder service banning your account, you semented a list into interests and "reactivated or brought alive" and now starting to know you and your email...therefore, now not a stranger, then you continue to provide value and build a relationship from there.

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    The average student is broke & in debt for the next 20 years so start with that (free offers, debt repair, etc...).
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    If you can email them, then get them to opt in to your list so it will be legit. Otherwise you are wasting your time.
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    Offer various freebies in various niches to convert them into opt-in subscribers and also to segment these people into different lists based on their interests. Then you can promote related products accordingly to these lists
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    If they didn't agree to be on your list or hear from you emailing them is SPAM and shouldn't be done.
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    I don't know if they are real opt-in subscribers or you have just bought those subscribers from some email providers. It the second case is true, your 600k means 0..
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    Not that I've had my account suspended and then canceled for excessive complaints at one of the major auto-responder companies (because I did...)-
    I'd ensure that I NEVER try to load that into any auto responder account and then emails- it takes just a few spam marks per thousand emails sent before you are on the radar of the company.

    It is in the auto responder companies best interest to NOT have excessive complaints (emails marked as spam by recipients) coming from their email servers. If too many get flagged- then the entire server can get put into some sort of penalty box and then much (if not all) of the emails from that server may never make it into any inbox.

    I'd stay away from loading that or any purchased/borrowed/etc. list and emailing to it.

    Good luck.

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    First you can recheck your email listing now.
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