What do you do if the prospect doesn't click on the links of the email you send them?

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hello forum;

Let's say after they opt, I put them in 2 lists.

1 introduction email series (3 emails)
1 engagement email series (45 emails)

I provide links in the emails so they click. What happens if they dont?

Still send the same email with a different title? I thought I do it for 10 times. If they dont open, put them in dead list.

Because moving to the next days email wont make any sense if they havent opened the first one!

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    If you are getting no engagement from them at all after sending 3-5 emails, it'd be definitely worth to import them emails into a custom audience and target them with paid ads.
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    One quick way to see issues is to see open rate 1st, if notice large amount of people opening, then copy and offer is issue, if low open rates and after try test a few different headlines/subject lines and still low or no open rate, then it comes back to the quality of your list opt-in.

    If setting up right and getting them to open emails, then you need to get down to testing the offers in your emails. Then switching offers on no clicks after trying 3 or so times. I definitely wouldn't hit list with 10 or more times of the same offer and email, especially if atleast opening because will stop opening all together.
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    Look at your call to action...

    Is there an emotional trigger that COMPELS people (on an emotional level) to get a BENEFIT offered?

    You might want to do split testing because if your body text doesn't push people to click on your call to action AND your call to action is flat or shallow, you're not going to get much clicks.

    The key is to test HARD
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    Could be many reasons why they are not clicking. Are they even getting your emails? Could be going directly to their spam/junk folder. Maybe they don't know you? You don't have a relationship with them? Your email content is not of interest to them?

    If they are getting and opening your emails and not clicking, sending more probably won't help.

    Wouldn't' a better question be, how you can get more to click?
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    Just because someone opts in for a free offer does not mean they will buy anything.

    Maybe your wording is not interesting, the offers are not in line with what they want, maybe you are pushing stuff that many others are pushing and they have already seen it

    Just because you get a sign up does not mean that is going to buy, A lot of the "hype" makes it all sound so easy well welcome to the real world. Much of it is a numbers game. How many do you even have on your list?
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